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Eddy Merckx Logo?

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I am trying to find a reasonably high resolution of eddy merckx logo that looks like this (see attachment) but I cannot find it anywhere. I am thinking about printing it on sticker for myself.

I want one sticker of this logo, but see it only printed on water bottles or shirts, and on. So if you know somewhere, where I can find it, great! just wanna slap this baby on my laptop :-) help?

Thank you.
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Hi Monia,

I read and understand your problem, I am in the process of hand editing a logo such as you illustrate and it is a massive task. I am having to do this through two separate cutting programs and it is now ready to cut.

Size is the main issue, the smaller one cuts, the more difficult it becomes to 'weed' out the different colors. I am wanting one for the seat post tube, just above the brake caliper so it will have to measure 35/50mm which is probably the smallest I would want to attempt. Sending the file via email is not an option unfortunately, EPS format for the most part turns into garble, I tried to email it back to myself and it won't open in either of my cutting programs. (A common problem)

What I could perhaps do for you is cut out a logo or a few to allow you to select, I would need the dimensions you would need, if you were to give me the width I would be able to size accordingly. It is OK if you want a few different sizes, once I get it all set up it will be simple to re-size and duplicate. Naturally I will need a postal address and I will mail them to you, no cost involved, I will attach a photo om my MERCKX if I can see how to do this. 

Hope this helps,

Cheers and good luck




Photo looks OK so See how you go and I will look out for a response. Cheers, Rod

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Hi Carrie,

Sorry I called you Monia for some reason???

Anyway I have completed and applied the logo to the back of the seat post as per photo, it measures 35mm WIDE.

See how you get on and get back to me if you want me to cut a few out for you.






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