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feeding for 100km cycle

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my freind and I are what is considered Clydes on bikes, both at around 105kg's each.
we have both be regularly doing 2 midweek session for a month or so, of about 45 km and then a 60-70km one on the weekend.

On saturday we are planning to try and break the 100km mark, fora few different reasons, however we have idea about fueling for this distance.
Our normal rides only normally last for 3 hours max, and this is fuelled on 2 bottles of gatorade and some cereal bars/ Mars bars, we are planning on taking about 5 hours for the 100km and realise we need to take this more seriuosly about what we are putting in our bodies.

We are in training to complete the London to Paris in september, so we are watching our food intake to drop a few pounds, however on these rides we just want to make sure we are eating enough, of the right stuff..

one last thing, what is a good after ride meal. when we finsh we are starving, and latley been heading down to a nice frnech Cafe with our other halfs, however we know this is not the best idea.
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Re: feeding for 100km cycle

I am no expert but no one else is answering so here goes.

I think that besides more calories, the biggest difference is you can run low on electrolytes. On the few longer rides I've taken, I've brought magnesium supplements and either a pinch of potassium salt or potassium-rich foods, as well as salt. Be careful with magnesium; taking it with food will slow digestion while taking too much will cause diahrea.
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Re: feeding for 100km cycle

Thanks for the effort.

and just for the record i completed the ride, although it was a slightly different route, with no where near as many hills, but hey still 100km!

I completed the ride feeling ok, However being my first one, i went out and spend about £10 on a few different types of gels. I had about three gels during the ride, but i actually dont know what affect it had on me.
I was kind of eating something about every 45 mins( a breaky cereal bar) and then a gel on the hour.

At half way i actually had a peanut butter sandwhich, which i read was ok to do?

i also had 2 x 400ml bottles of powerade, which i do on most rides.

my only problem is that i need to take a backpack to fit it all in, so i need to find
some good products which will allow not to carry so much and fit in the back of my jersey..

but im sure with time i will find something that works for me..

what about post race?, i cakind of went out wiith the wife for the good old baaon and eggs and coffee, i know its not the best option, but hey i deserved it that day..

many thanks again for your time.
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Re: feeding for 100km cycle

Congratulations on your achieving your 100 km goal.

As the other respondent mentioned, replenishment of electrolytes is a concern when riding for long periods of time. Vitamins and minerals supplements are important for over all health. But be cognizant that a sustained physical exertion like riding for 4-7 hours will deplete stores of some more than others. (Typically sodium, potassium and magnesium) And, I trust that your 2 bottles of Gatorade are in addition to water.

If the limit of your fluid intake is 2 bottles of Gatorade then adequate hydration just became your number one priority. In my opinion 2 bottles of Gatorade is an insufficient amount of fluid for such an exertion unless they are each at least a litre in size.

For a ride I consume the following; a minimum of 3 litres of water, two 24 once water bottles each containing an amino acid supplement and beta-alanine, two bananas, two apples, two granola bars and a couple gels just in case. I drink the first water bottle at the start of the ride and the second when I deem I'm at my halfway mark for the boost they give my muscles. I personally stay away from Gatorade and such for their sugar content. The fruit and amino acid supplement serve to replenish my electrolytes. There is a commercial product named "eDiscs" which are small discs of electrolytes that dissolve in your mouth. I recently bought a pack but haven't yet tried them.

Good riding.
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Re: feeding for 100km cycle

Thanks Downhill
I have just been converting your 24OZ measurement into litres and im curious as to what you holfdall your liquids in? i have 2 bottle cages on my bike and then carry 2 other bottles in my back pack. im not usre i could fir much more in with-out in weighing me down to much

I never thought of eatng fruit during the ride. i just thought with all the "advertised" supplements on the market, something as basic as fruit would not be enough.

in relation to the water, i have 2 full bottles of water which i use. as well as the gatorade equivalent.
I would be interested to hear how you go with the eDISCS, they sound promising.

looking forward to having an "organic style ride next time, just getting back to basics..

one last thing, what do you eat post ride?

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Re: feeding for 100km cycle

Hey Newtothegame;

Thanks for your feedback. Pretty soon you'll have to change your handle. I'm just prepping now for a 50 km ride around noon today.

I've been using a CamelBack-type hydration system since they first came on the market in the mid 90's. I still use one today whether it's for XC or road riding. I use it only for water because anything else makes it too hard to clean adequately. If I'm only going for a quick jaunt I'll use a bottle or if my 3 litre CamelBack won't be enough, but I usually use my bottles for mixed [energy] drinks like the amino acid supplement. From my mechanic days I've always carried emergency tools with me (more often than not to fix other people's breakdowns), a tube, pump and first aid kit. All that fits in my CamelBack as well. By your standards that would probably be excessively heavy and take away from the "zen" of the ride but over the years it has become my security blanket.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how awesome the banana is for riding. No excess sugar, a natural carbohydrate and the casing is even biodegradable. I will report my findings on the eDiscs to you as they occur.

Post ride I seldom eat much and when I do it's usually something light. Today I'll be trying a starch carbohydrate made of waxy maize in the form of a drink marketed as "glucEVOL." My research suggests that it is quickly absorbed, quickens recovery and boosts energy storage (for tomorrow's ride).

Happy trails.
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