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Bianchi Sport SX

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Anybody know anything about the Bianchi Sport SX? I've found one for sale, they are asking 300 for it, its a late 80's and looks like its in good condition. I can't find anything on this model put out by Bianchi. 300 seems a bit high for a late 80's road bike, unless it's a really nice frame. Any thoughts from folks more familiar with Bianchis product line appreciated. 

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What components does the bike have?


Posting pictures will go a long way toward assessing the bike's possible value (+/-).

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This is the exact model I purchased new in 1987.  Celeste Green with Shimano Exage components.  IIRC the rear shifter was a click shift and the front was friction.  The tires that came on it were miniscule 700x19mm. I put a ton of km on that bike in 87 and 88.  I am pretty sure that the purchase price was around CDN$650 from a LBS.


It was a great bike and I am sorry I sold it after life interfered.  No where near top of the line but a decent bike.


The frame was made in Japan but I never had any issues with it.  Frame was around 19lbs.

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Is the frame made of depleted uranium?


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 i purchased a bianchi sport sx the last year it was made in japan. there were some problems, the paint job was not very durable & the rear wheel would not stay true until i relaced with dt spokes. at this time sheldon brown was truing my wheels. the bikeis fun to ride, i set it up with 12 speed half step gearing. i paid about $660 for it, must of the componentry was indexed suntour. someone on this site stated that they had a celeste green bianchi. i had a lot of trouble with what the bianchi team color is called. it is greenish, is called celeste, not celeste green. at one time if you wanted a bianchi in the team colors you had to buy one made in italy. one poster said that is no longer case which i feel has cheapend the celeste bianchis . bianchi is onde the legendary bike manufactures being in the business over 100 years.

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