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Hey, Steve!  Hi, Paramount!


Ignoring spoiled children is actually one of my favorite disciplines for them, so you two may be happy to know that that has been both emotionally and technologically accomplished.  I'm too new to forums, or I would have recognized sooner what he was trying to do.  Not gonna happen.  Besides, in a battle of wits, those types are always half-armed. 


However, Steve, I am a bit confused (like you, Paramount) about the reference to wanting shoes and contacting Owen1.  Am mulling that one over.  If it refers to wanting boots because somebody is owed a butt-kickin', I already have some which have been used successfully several times, lol.  Otherwise, you're going to have to enlighten us.


Having been unable to ride this weekend, I am really hoping for a nice one tomorrow, and maybe a trip to the bike shop for saddle/wrist pain issues.... and to see what other types of pretties they may have....  Good thing I have my own bank account, or Frugal Hubby wouldn't go. 


Thanks for the support, guys.  wink.gif




Okay, Steve, I found Owen1's profile.... now to figure out what he's got to do with this, lol.



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Thanks!  In spite of all the drama, I'm really excited to have finally figured it out.  I have a beginner's credit-card bike tour scheduled for next June that I really need to start training for, now that I have my bike and can get it on without further damage to the lower extremities, lol.  That may seem like a lot of time, but we have a LOT going on between now and then, including moving to another state, which will require some back-and-forth visits to find housing, etc., and probably take way more time than it should before it's finished.  Plus a trip to Texas and Nebraska to visit relatives -- and another trip to Hawaii, if I can squeeze it in.  So my training will be chopped up, and I need to get with it.  But I'm excited to be beginning! 


Thanks for the post.  I'll look forward to more. 




Originally Posted by PBRSTREETGANG View Post

Sierra -


Congratulations on your success! And, more importantly, way to go for not giving up. icon14.gif


Keep pedaling!

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Hey, Cat!


Somehow in all the mini-drama, I missed your post about your cycling coach.  I would have been scared to DEATH to be riding that close, but then I guess that's what lessons are for!  I am probably going to take some lessons if I can find some that don't cost toooo much.  I'm not interested in racing, but would like to be a competent-enough cyclist to be able to take easy tours and ride in groups without causing anybody grief. 


I will definitely practice riding side by side with Dear Hubby.  At least if I knock him down, he won't sue me, lol.  We bumped handlebars once last week when he didn't hear my suggestion to turn at the next corner, and both managed to stay upright.  But even if we were to manage to knock each other over, as long as we're able to get back up and keep going, that'll do.  I just don't want to break my arm like my sister did last month, falling off her bike.  She doesn't get to ride for six WEEKS, and that would just about kill me, I think. 


Drafting does sound like a lot of fun -- and I will probably always be at the back of any pack, anyway, lol.  But I'll practice one thing at a time for now, I think.  And will look forward to hounding y'all with more questions about how to improve!

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Originally Posted by SierraSlim View Post

Calico, thanks for the defense!


I don't even own drop bars yet -- the idea terrifies me, lol -- and cornering at full speed does make me nervous, so it's very nice to know that I'm not alone and that it will continue getting easier.  Another problem I'm learning I have came about as a result of cycling with Dear Hubby.  My depth perception is so bad, it looks to me like there's not enough room on our bike path for both of us -- though clearly there is, because he's sometimes beside me.  But it makes me really nervous, like one of us will go off the edge.  I have to get used to biking with others to take my tour next summer, so I'm working on it.  Feeling comfortable biking with others will feel like an accomplishment, too!  So I have a lot of growing to do in that, plus probably a lot of things that I don't even know about yet.


It's nice to know I have friends here who will try to encourage that growth rather than disparage me because of my limitations. 


Thank you.  I appreciate it. 

Riding in close proximity with other riders takes some getting used to. My coach made me get over the fear one day when I was riding a mere inches from the curb and she rode so close beside me that one would be hard-pressed to slip a sheet of paper between our handlebars! I was terrified at first, and just focused straight ahead and concentrated on holding my line. I knew that if I freaked out too much, that I could just slow down, but I didn't want to, and we rode nearly touching for a few minutes. That was pretty extreme, but it certainly taught me how close it is possible to ride next to another rider!


Just try riding next to your husband, only as close as you are comfortable, but try to get closer and closer (if you bump into eachother, just relax and nobody should go down). Learning to ride close to others It is a great skill for pack riding. Another great skill is riding on the wheel of the rider in front of your (drafting). It saves a ton of energy and is half the fun of riding in a pack!

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I want one of these;


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You folks might want to reread this thread to see who has been doing the flaming because it sure hasn't been me.  Until now that is.


Unless there are physical disabilities involved (which haven't been mentioned btw), the idea that someone can't get on their bike is astonishing to me.  We all do it - it isn't difficult - little children do it every day - you just stand on the pedal and then you're off.


So much defensiveness and thinly veiled insults from the OP too in response to my simple innocuous remark.  Lot of insecurity there I think.   


And all the earnest, heart felt congratulations from you lot.  I could understand that if the OP is a small child or an adult or a disabled person just learning to ride for the first time, or even an injured person starting up again, but that isn't the case here. 


I think this is ridiculous - but entertaining.    





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A  minister had decided that for his sermon he would tell a story about learning to ride a bike and how difficult it was for him. His wife warned him that no one wanted to hear that story and she would be embarassed to listen to it. She refused to go into the church. At  the last second he reconsidered and preached a sermon on sex and promiscuity.

On the way out a few congregation members stopped to speak th the preacher's and wife and they complimented  the minister on his sermon.

No knowing he had changed the subject matter she remarked, " Well, he only tried it twice and fell off both times".     

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Hey you two!


Ambal, that is the coolest thing.  I would want one, too -- but then I wouldn't expend nearly as many calories, lol.  But it's still way cool.


And Huskey -- thanks for the morning laugh! 


Have a great day, y'all.

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Sierra, My remark about Owen was meant to be facetious, I do that sometimes.  We've had a series of spam messages here by people selling various things.  Hope you got (get) a good ride in soon!  Steve

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Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post

Sierra, My remark about Owen was meant to be facetious, I do that sometimes.  We've had a series of spam messages here by people selling various things.  Hope you got (get) a good ride in soon!  Steve

And I was just funning along with Steve when I made my comment. Owen is just another in a long series of spamsters pimping that lolshoes website. Like Steve said we get a lot of 'em, so we might as well have a little fun with them when we can.



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Ok, guys,


I wondered!  Of course, buying shoes is always supposed to be a form of women's therapy....


I was really hoping for a ride today, but it's raining.... again.... Northern California blows in the winter, lol.


Have a good one, you two.

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Our weather here blows too, Sierra. biggrin.gif



Did you see on the news where the weight of the snow ripped through some of the ceiling panels on our football stadium and the whole dome came down? eek.gif



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I DID see that, Paramount!  That was pretty scary.  Glad nobody got hurt!


I actually watch a fair amount of football, having grown up in East Texas.   Football is probably more important culturally there than a lot of places.  They actually taught us the referee's hand signals in grade school so we could understand them in the game.  I love a good game!

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I've been reading Sierra for a week now.  She's so nice.

Women and older guys like me generally have different needs.

Fit young males are sometimes short on empathy and long on attitude   rolleyes.gif



On a Bicycle Built For Two (1892)

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Originally Posted by 64Paramount View Post

Our weather here blows too, Sierra. biggrin.gif



Did you see on the news where the weight of the snow ripped through some of the ceiling panels on our football stadium and the whole dome came down? eek.gif



Sad but true this was the best thing to happen to the Vikings all year.

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Hi, Reid2, and welcome to the forums!


I always wonder who all those people are who are sneaking around, reading posts without writing anything, lol, because it looks like only about 10% of the viewers post anything!  I'm glad you decided to go for it.


Thanks for the compliment.  It's easy to be nice to nice people.  The trouble comes in when other people aren't being nice, lol.  I would dearly love to be one of those people who seem to be able to just let everything roll off their backs, but haven't managed to achieve that yet -- and at my age, it's not likely to happen.  So my simple solution is to just ignore people who aren't supportive and nice, and to surround myself with people who are.  I figure that way, we all win! 


I loved your quote about fit young males.  Having never been one, it's a little different for me... but I certainly dated enough of them in my time to recognize when the testosterone and ego swelled to proportions which overloaded the brain and the mouth.  Fortunately, most of them grow out of it, eventually.  99% of the people I correspond with here are WONDERFUL.  It must be the endorphins that the cycling kicks in, because almost everybody is so nice!!!


Your video for Katie is adorable.  I haven't heard that song in ages, and found myself humming along with it.


Thanks again for the input.  We'll look forward to more of your posts.



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