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New tube or patch kit?

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I know this is a personal opinion, but I want to know what yours is. Do you stock up on tubes and just replace them when needed or do you patch a tube once the replace it later? Which do you do?

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I live where it's really thorny ... so for a while (October - December) I was getting a flat just about every ride. So, I had a good stock of tubes and patches. Since most of my issues were single punctures they were easily patched, but I often needed to submerge the tube to identify the hole.


So, I'd install a new tube on the ride, then patch the damaged tube at home later. And, I only patched tubes once. Another hole meant the trash for me.


In my bike kit, I carry a tube and a patch kit (just in case). I had two flats one ride ... but my buddy had another tube.




Incidentally, Stan's No Tubes eliminated this issue for me! Haven't had a flat since I started using it, and I'm riding cheap tires and no liners.

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A combination of both for me.  I purchase new tubes when I am purchasing new tires.  I just like the idea of new tubes and tires going on the same time. I patch tubes until the point they are no longer repairable.  Things like blow outs, leaks around the valve stem, and valve stem failures get trashed.  Multiple patches on a single tube are not a problem if you are patching the tubes correctly. I carry a tube and a patch kit with me.  I only do road side repairing of tubes if I happen to get a second flat out on the road.  I like to repair the tubes when I am at home so I can do a good inspection before and after the repair.  I also wait until I have a few tubes kicking around before I work on them.  

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I carry a new tube and a patch kit with me when I ride. I found that if I don't patch the tube during the ride and just replace it with my spare tube, that I'm unlikely to patch it once I get home.


So, I prefer to patch during the ride unless I can think of a really good reason not to....  wink.gif


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I carry a tube and patch kit too, just in case I get two flats. Two of my bikes have patched tubes and I have a pretty good supply of new tubes. Like davereo, I let a few build up before I repair them. Unfortunately I am also like 64Paramount and tend not to patch them when I get home, but I only have two right now that need patching. But then again, tubes are cheap.

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I carry TWO tubes AND patch kit.... I patch my tubes until they are almost literally, a "patch tube",  but I also buy tubes when they are on sale.

I patch all my tubes at home so I don't spend a lot of time repairing a flat when I'm riding...

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I carry both a spare tube and 2 different patch kits. Spare tube for beyond tube repairs on the punctured/damaged tube i.e valve stem area as well as dangerous areas like side of a very busy interstate like roads. Most of the time I use either a glueless or vulcanizing patch. Glueless if im in a not so good area and/or not so comfortable conditions. Vulcanizing patch when its nice and sunny out and in a safe place. Don't need to slap on a glueless and ride to a shop or back home, just take extra time to patch up and get back to some epic riding.

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