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best bike for short female rider?

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Okay, so I am approximately 4'10 and looking to buy my first "adult" bike. I live in New York City, and want to be able to ride around on streets instead of driving all the time, so I need a bike with high handlebars and a basket in the front as well as maybe some compartments on the rack of the back wheel. 

I am proportionate even though I am very petite, and looking for a bike with a frame that fits me. I usually ride my younger sister's childhood bike (she is taller than me) but I can barely reach the pedals. Needless to say, it's time I upgrade.

I don't know anything about what type of bike would be best for everyday commuting in the city, and I'm hoping to be able to know enough about what type of bike I need so i can buy it by March and gradually replace using my car with using my bike. 

So, to sum it up - a bike for a short woman to ride around an urban environment and with room to hold my purse, books, etc.

I appreciate any help and comments!!

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You might want to take a look at hybrid style WSD (Women Specific Designed) type bikes. Trek makes WSD bikes as do other brands.


There's been several threads about this in the past and I just did a quick search, and found this thread about bikes for shorter women:




You might be able just to do some searches on the forum and find the info you want. If not, there are a lot of sharp folks here who should be able to point you in the right direction.


Test ride a lot of bikes and have fun shopping! icon14.gif

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At 4'10 you would be best to get a bike that is specifically designed for females. If you can afford it, one made with a custom made frame would be an even better option.

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Hi there, I had the same problem you had, I am 4'11..only an inch higher than you. I went to my local bicycle shop and got fitted and decided to get a Trek. might want to look up Trek bikes like the Belleville WSD... I personally own a Lexa XS47cm and the size is perfect for my height. =) good luck and I hope you find one that fits!




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try Creme Cycles (www.cremecycles.com)

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Georgina Terry bikes are a bit pricey, but they've been made for women - especially small women - right from the start of the company. You could probably get an off the rack Terry that would fit you.


This one isn't a bad price at all, actually, and it would do the job nicely.


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