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Exercise bike?

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I was thinking of buying an exercise bike to keep my fitness up as im not hardcore enough to go out in all weather lol. Has anyone got any recommendations? I've been looking at this  http://www.fitness-and-leisure.co.uk/reebok-edge-cycle-free-shipping-p-20.html as it seems fairly good value for money, i know its not going to be like the real thing but at least it would keep me going. What do we all think?


Cheers, Benny 




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Since you are asking this in the training forum, I'm going to say if you go with a stationary bike be sure it has wattage - even if you don't want it now, you might well want it later. Quite honestly, wattage is a great way to train. Some of the Schwinn indoor bikes  (the 220, 230, 240, etc) have watt displays. They might not be "accurate" per se, but accuracy really isn't as important as it might seem - what's really important is that it is consistent from ride to ride. I can say the Cyclops indoor bikes are pretty good for training, but they are a little more cost-wise than the bike in the link that you posted.


Have you considered a trainer for your regular bike? Most trainers tend to be pretty reasonable with regards to cost. The Kurt Kinetics are fairly popular and you can add a computer to it to display wattage/power for training. 

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