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Thanks again for the answers.


Yes, three weeks already... Before taking action, I am still awaiting the answer from the Bianchi factory. I want to be 100% certain about what I am doing.


With the oil you're right. But I was worried about the breaking cable and I thought that mabe it needed some lubrication in order to prevent it from breaking again. But now I am sure yu're right. From other cyclists I understood that there is a liner inside the hole which functions as a slide bearing. Probably this liner is damaged and caused my cable to break. By taking away the broken cable the damaged liner got jammed in the hole and now it's impossible to put through the new front derailleur cable.


If the above is really the reality, then the old slide bearing will have to be replaced by a new one. I 'll need a new "slide bearing tube" and an instruction sheet (or whatever) from Bianchi in order to know how to mount a new ("slide bearing") tube.


I want to give Bianchi some more time to come up with a sollution. Porbably I am one of the first cyclists with this problem, with many more to follow. After a few years of fanatic cycling the tube will collapse and you've got a major monobox problem .

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Bianchi, I'm surprised that your frame has a "guide tube" inside.  It's probably a plastic tube that's glued in place or perhaps located with bushings.  In my opinion, it's not needed and risks the problem you've experienced.  I replaced my FD cable once (at 18K miles), and it only took a few tries to poke the cable from the bottom through the top hole in the monobox. 


Your patience while waiting for the factory guidance is admirable.  But If it were my frame, believe I would have clear the holes with a spoke or drill bit by now rather than have the bike sitting for three weeks.  Wouldn't be surprised if the Bianchi rep tells you to do just that.  Good luck! 

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Originally Posted by dhk2 View Post
Your patience while waiting for the factory guidance is admirable.


Yes... that's what I think too nonono2.gif. "Bianchi" waiting for Bianchi... for almost a month nonono2.gificon13.gifhissyfit.gif


But what else can I do? If I poke through with a spoke and later find out that I made things even worse, than I would regret. At the same time I really feel that poking through is not going to work since it is not just debris in the hole. There's something hard in there blocking tha way through and therefore I find the "sliding tube bearing theory" very much believable.

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Originally Posted by BIANCHI_EURO View Post

The old cable broke at the location right at the dura ace shifter. It turned out that the cable was pretty difficult to remove from the frame. I used a wrench to gently pull it out. I wanted to clean out the dirt and insert the new cable, but no matter what I try, nothing gets through the hole anymore.


BTW.  It may be opening-a-can-of-worms, but have you looked at how the OTHER derailleur cable feeds through the frame?


AND, who did the initial assembly of the bike?


Is THAT person-or-bike-shop in the same country that you live in (i.e., local to you OR within 100km)?




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Hi again,

The solution:
Yep.. a lot of people are going to run in a lot of trouble in the near future with their monobox frames. Bianchi didn't answer until I became angry (after a month). And then they suggested my own initial suggestion when I wrote my service request a month ago to Bianchi (I suggested to use a drill to get through).


The lack of any usable advice and the fear of Bianchi to be held liable for the problem has irritated me very much. According to me these people don't have a technical education. It's just a sales organisation with production in Taiwan, according to me. On the frame it says that the frame is "handmade in Italia". I always found it hard to believe that this frame is handmade because the construction is impossible to be made by hand. And how can itr be handmade by Italians if they can't even tel me whether the monobox drill hole is bended or straight. You guessed it... this was the last Bianchi of Bianchi_Euro... Unhappy with the service if any service at all.

I found out myself:...
1. yes!! the hole is a straight line through the monobox(!in my frame!).
2. it turned out to be dirt in the hole.
3. use a handdrill to get it out.
4. in my frame there's no liner in the hole that can be cracked, the inside of the drilling hole almost looked like solid carbon fibre (no sliding bearing here).

Thank you for all your messages. Hopefully this update with my experiences will help other people to solve their problem. I hope they provide their contribution as well on this thread.

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