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British Cycling Licence

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Hi last year got a special offer on britishcycling for £12 it came with membership and a race licence yesterdays race I only just noticed that it says provisional on it and the lady said its provisional on it I've raced on it before and today yesterdays race but only pointed out that it was provisional today  when i brought it i clicked silver thinking it was the full race licence.. Is it possible for me to buy just the licence and not the membership as I already have it, memberships lasts till November 2011.


I don't really want to spend more on the membership. Just the licence i'm a junior.

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if you're a member already they will definately let you buy a license without paying for more membership, but it may not be possible to arrange on the website. just call or email them, they're very helpful.


Membership Services Enquiries t: 0161 274 2010 e: membership@britishcycling.org.uk

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What? Punctuation might help us understand what you are asking.

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