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Need to train for MS Bike Tour

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So I have sign-up to do a 2 day 110kms bike tour to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Research.  Is for a good cause.


I am a newbe to bike riding but I always wanted to start getting serious into it so that I can bike to work daily.


I bought myself a hybrid bike today (Trek Montare) and the ride so far is good.


Few things I would like to improve on:

-What kind of excerise/weight training can I do to improve my bike riding duration?

-Saddle, the one come with my bike seems hard to my butt...  any suggestions?

-a trip computer is nice...  one that tells me distance, speed, and calaries...  one that is wireless too!  Any suggestions that's affordable?  Spend too much already...



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Hello and welcome to cycling.


The best thing you can do right now is just ride your bike and try to get used to slightly longer trips.  When you put your body under stress it will adapt - just don't overdo it.  Don't worry about weight training - it won't do much and the time you spend weight training is much better spent riding.


About your saddle - give it a few more rides and your butt should "toughen up".  If it doesn't go away in a couple of weeks (assuming you're riding in those weeks) then you might need a different size seat.


Bike fit is very important - you can hurt yourself if the bike isn't set up correctly.  Do some searches on bike fit to get some ideas - the main thing is having the correct seat height so you don't hurt your knees.  What I do is this......I ride my bike and I put my heels on the pedals and turn them.  If my legs go fully straight at maximum extension without me wobbling my hips to keep my feet on the pedals then that's about right.


Trip computers are a good tool - they aren't very expensive.  I've seen them for $20 - $30.  Cateye is a good brand, but almost anything will do just as long as it has the features you want.  I wouldn't bother with "calories" though - it can't measure calories so it makes a guess and those guesses are usually too high.


Get some good bike shorts and a good bike shirt when you can afford it - you will be much more comfortable.  Bike shoes too - but those can come later.  And don't go out riding without a helmet - I know lots of guys who have crashed and wrecked their helmets and that's much better than wrecking their head.


Bike commuting to work will help - when I commute I try to go fairly hard since my ride is only 10 km and I want to get some exercise value out of it.


As you go on longer and longer rides you'll need to carry something to drink and maybe something to eat - you'll learn as you get more experienced.  Rule of thumb is one bottle an hour on a hot day, although I tend to do a bit less I think.


Is it 110 km total in 2 days, or 110 km each day?  110 km over 2 days isn't really that far (neither is 110 km each day actually) although on a hybrid it will more difficult than on a road bike.  You'll be able to do it as long as you get out and start riding.

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Wow, now this is a response!  Very detail, thx!!


Is 110kms in total over 2 days!  I have never done it myself, but with determination, i think I can do it.


I did go for helmet fitting today, but is very hard to get a comfortable fit.  I think my head is too wide...  the only one that fit well cost $110cad, that's bad answer to me...  need to keep looking..


The decision to go with a hybrid over a road or MTB bike is the fact that I will only have one bike and want to do a mixture of road and light trail.  The bike tour is a one time or annual thing only....  If i ever get serious, road bike will need to be in the budget. For now, don't want to spend too much~


I hope to use bike more by the day, both to exercise and save gas!  Gas up here in Canada is way too much as compare to the US....


I will take your advise to stick with the default saddle for now! and the trip computer, i am not in a rush...


Bike commute to work is only a 5kms each way~  I will have to pedal to the metal all the way!


This is getting me excited and with the four day long weekend, i can't wait to wake up the next morning and start biking!

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I'm in Toronto and yes gas is very expensive.


My first bike was a hybrid too - I later bought a road bike and I only use my hybrid for commuting these days.


Most helmets, at least the ones I buy, have an internal plastic thingie that is adjustable so it fits your head.  But you have to start with the right size - I need a large helmet because I have a big brain and therefore I have a big head to hold it.  :)   I know it's not always warm in Sask but you should try to get a helmet with lots of ventilation holes - if you don't you could get very hot on warm days.


I think you should get a bike computer soon - I always like to see how fast I'm going and how far I've been and it bothers me when the thing isn't working right - feels like I'm missing something.  And they aren't that expensive.


It would also be good if you could find a recreational group to cycle with - it's much more enjoyable to cycle with a group although if you really get into it after awhile you'll get better training on solo rides.


About your 5 km commute - earlier in my life I was commuting to a different office.  It was 9 km by the most direct route but I also had 13 km, 17 km and 20 km routes which I took depending on how I was feeling.  If it turns out that you really like riding, then maybe you'll be able to find slightly longer routes too for when you have more energy.


55 km/day if very doable.  It might sound like a lot because you are new to this but it isn't really that far.  I'm sure you'll have no problems.  I have a friend with MS and I hope you raise lots of money.

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Thanks again!  All the tips is well taken :)


Any comment on bike lock?  Is a fair size investment and I hate to see it get stolen.


Kyptonite New York lock seems to be the best out there, beside the very high price ($115cad), it is also very heavy!!  The plan is to get a good U-lock and a cable lock to secure the wheels/saddle.


What's a realistic lock out there?  I have heard people's bike got stolen in Sask before, so the risk is there....


Like to get this ASAP as I am not going anywhere with my bike until I get a lock~~  and is a four day long weekend too :(

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