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Trek Fast Trek 470

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Hello all.


I am new to cycling and am looking into purchasing my first road bike. The budget is slim right now, so I'm looking at a used one. I have found a 1996 Trek 470 for sale for $230, but seller said he could go to $200. My question to you experts is, is this worth it? Visit the link for more details. Thanks!



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FWIW.  Yes ... and, no ...


I would probably be willing to pay $200 for the particular Trek ... but, I'm partial to bikes with steel frames ...


  • the bike has a pretty good steel frame -- I think that may have been one of the many Treks from that era which were made with TruTemper steel
  • the particular components are more than good-enough
  • and, it can be easily upgraded should you want to venture down THAT path in the future.


If you were to part-out the bike OR try to assemble a comparable bike from acquired parts, the sum would be more than $200 ...


If I lived in Tennessee, I would be heading to that guy's house with a fist full of dollars, ASAP. 


  • Presuming that you don't neglect the bike, the frame-and-fork will last as long as you want them to; and (as I stated) it can be readily updated-or-upgraded with newer-or-"better" components. 
  • And, in the future, you will probably use how the frame rides as a benchmark against which you will judge other bikes.





Of course, others may disagree with me.

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i have a trek 470 fast track and it is made out of cromolly and it has been better then one of the 2012 fuji bikes

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