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AMF Roadmaster Bicycle

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Wanted to see if anyone might know the year, or timeframe this bike may have been built in? It's been in storage the last 20 years. Might know price it is worth now? I added links to pics:







Thanks for reading!

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Sorry it has taken so long to reply. There is really no way that I can speculate on the age of the bike from the photos. It appears to have been a 3 speed bicycle and the date, or at least the last digit of the date should be stamped somewhere on the hub body.


Unfortunately AMF badged a bunch of low price, low quality bicycles in the 1970's through the early 1990's. This doesn't mean that your bike is worthless, it is just not going to fetch a lot of money if you put it up for sale.

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Geez, how about cleaning the bike better before taking the pics?


Presuming it wasn't made in Taiwan, I reckon it dates to before 1980 ...


As it sits in your garage, it may be worth $20 ... maybe, a little more to the right person.


Regardless, it is worth rebuilding ... but, it will probably cost someone more than $50-or-less (you can always spend more)  to make it roadworthy (that's NOT much in the grand scheme of things) --


  • minimally, a new chain, a front brake caliper, cables & housing ...
  • handlebar grips would be nice to have ...
  • you could ignore the lack of shifter & shift cable and ride it as a Single Speed ...
  • tires & tubes as needed.








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