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An update on my iPhone 4 use--on Sunday, I did my first ever century ride. Normally, I would take along a cordless drill battery, some alligator clips on an aftermarket cigarette lighter jack, then a phone charger hooked to the iPhone. Well, I forgot the cigarette lighter jack. So I put the phone in the bike mount as usual, started the GPS app, but then I hit the sleep button so that the screen stayed off. The 105 miles took me just under 7 hours, and I was gone for about 7h45m total with stops, and the phone battery went from 94% to 54% in that time. Otherwise, with the screen on, it probably would have been dead inside of 4 hours. I also have a cyclometer that I mainly use for cadence, so I just used that for any stats I wanted to see during the ride.
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That is fantastic!  What a great wife.


I have a PowerTap SL+ with the standard computer head unit.  I was looking at the Joule and wondering if I should buy it or perhaps the Garmin 500.  Do you have any insight into either of these display units?

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I have a Blackburn Neuro 4.0 wireless on my race bike (time, cadence, HR, speed, lap) and a Powertap SL+ hub and Cycleops computer dislplay unit on my training bike.  I only use two different ones because my Powertap hub is built around a DT Swiss 32 spoke hub and R450 rim set.  A little heavier wheel and I use a pair of 2008 Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels on my race bike. 

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My Dad (62) has a Bacchetta recumbent. He is retired and is now getting back into riding. He gets to enjoy his free time cruising the local bike paths (10-25 mi typically), rides along country roads, etc.  His birthday is coming up and I would like to get him some type of device that can track metrics for him. He is a computer guy, loves gadgets, etc. but he will not be doing any racing or training per se. I envision him uploading his data and pouring over the various metrics (cadence, altitude, distance, etc.) enjoying the mechanics of his ride. He has specifically mentioned that if he were to ever get a device it would be one that could offer cadence feedback. I've tried to research the models and it seems that everyone recommends Garmin. It seems as though the FR 305 w/cadence sensors and Edge 500 w/cadence are about the same price on Amazon. Although a few reviewers online are still holding on the the Edge 305.  One additional thought I had was that my parents do love to travel, so would any of the devices also be helpful to them if they went on a hike and my Dad wanted to upload data about their hike? Any thoughts on a good model for a retired recumbent cruiser that loves data?


Thank you in advance!



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for casual riders, I think iphone with BikeMateGPS, Cyclometer, Endomondo are enough.

Some apps - ex) wahoo fitness - are compatible with electronic sensors such as cadence, ANT+ you had.

but, I think you'd better use bikematelite or endomondo first - it's free - if you had iPhone.

quite useful. I bet.

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I have been using my Blackberry and an app called "Map my Tracs" when it works, its great. It syncs with a web site, it tracks speed, distance, etc... and displays your route on a map. The problem is that if I get a call or email it will somtimes interupt the tracking of the ride (rode 26 miles last sunday, when I got home and checked it tracked 6 miles) so I would like to replace it with somthing that I can use on multiple bikes, will track my speed, distance, upload to a map site, I have been looking at the Garmin units ( 305 & 500) can anyone who is using them offer any advice or oreferance of one over the other?



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