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Cycling Apps

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I've about had it with my Sigma wireless computer.  It seems it always needs something adjusted to work.  Are they apps that work just as well?  I really only concerned about mileage and speed.

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If you get totally frustrated, suggest you try a Cateye Mity 8 for under $30.  Dead simple to setup, then you never need to touch it.  It has a wired sensor so it only needs one battery which lasts for years.    Speed, miles, odo, auto stop/start, avg speed....does the trick for me.   

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If you have an iphone or android, i use Sportstracker - does what you want, with GPS location and yuo can go on line to mess about with it, can track all your rides and look for others using it as well.  I find it good, but thats just me.  Only problem is if you're listening to music on your iphone nd using sports tracker it drains the battery quickly - might only get 1½ hours so not good for longer rides.  T

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iMapmyride generally works pretty well from an iphone. The only issue I have had with it is that since it runs from the GPS function of the phone if you start to loose signal it can jump from one section of your ride to another. The app though is never off by more than 1-2 miles...at least for me!

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