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Raleigh Record Ace

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I am looking for a steel frame road bike.  I can spend around 1500$.  I am thinking of the 2012 Ralleigh RA.  Any thoughts?


I haven't found reviews.  Past reviews of this bike have been good, but the company has changed some elements of the bike.




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The brief write-ups of the RALEIGH RECORD ACE which I read were also good ...


Since the frame probably hasn't changed, what componets are you concerned about which are different from earlier iterations?


Or, has the frame changed, too?


FWIW.  Regardless, $1500US sounds like a good price to me. 



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Looks like the frame is the same - the 2012 now comes in a dashing retro "Ti Raleigh" type paint job but it loses the Ultegra groupset and the Brooks saddle that the 2011 bike had - getting the 105 groupset and a "I want to be a San Marco Regal" wannabe saddle of some description...


I'd shop around for the 2011 model.

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If you are a 55cm (Raleigh's SM/MD), you may want to try this 2011 Raleigh Grand Prix at REI for just about a $grand even:



It's the same frame as the Record Ace, with a slightly lesser component group, but a VERY nice price. It doesn't have the "TI" paint job of the new Ace unfortunately but at least it's red, including the fork.


Edit: and then when you get a bee in your bonnet for an upgrade you could throw an all alloy 11-spd Campy Athena group on it and donate the old bits to Recycle-a-Bike. Now that would be a gorgeeous bike... and you could still be under $2G!


On a side note I'm not sure why Raleigh didn't assign that old school red-n-black paint to the International, their flagship 853 lugged frame which is absolutely spectacular, FD braze-on and all.



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Hello! I am willing to sell my record ace for $1600. Are you still looking & interested?

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Originally Posted by shelly6988 View Post

Hello! I am willing to sell my record ace for $1600. Are you still looking & interested?

I think you're a couple hundred dollars high. They're available on eBay for around $1400.
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