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Specialized hybrid bike (which one?)

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I am wanting to buy a new bike. 

I am mostly on the roads (most nights) but like to go off road most weekends. 

I have been looking at a few of the Specialized biked. These being the following: 

Sirrus Sport (Hybrid) £450
Vita Sport (Hybrid) £450 
Crosstrail sport disc (Hybrid) £500 
Hardrock sport disc (MTB) £450 



Based on research so far I am leaning towards the Sirrus Sport!

I am 6 foot 3 and quite heavy but am losing weight. I think it is important that the bike rides nicely on the road as I do more of that but need something to be robust when off roading. 

Budget is £500 max. 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ben and welcome!


If you have the chance to do so I would recommend that you go to a local bike shop and test ride each of those bikes.


It sounds like you have narrowed down a selection of bikes based on how you intend to use the bike, and bikes that are in your budget range.


That's a great start. Now go test ride those bikes to see which bike(s) feel the best to you.






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Hi Ben,

I can be really confusing when your reseaching on which one to buy. I'm in the same situation. I find it best to go & ride them as one may not be comfortable or to your liking as the other.

If price is what it comes down to them I would pay the extra $ to have quality parts.

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