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WINSPACE T1000, is the 2012 latest road model from gotobike,

both Di2 and traditional shimano compatible,aero design,fully internal cable routing,tapered headtube

Following are some photos.

Anyone like it?











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Not bad, have you managed to get a price for one sample ?

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I like this frame.  I have the same question as Marco.  What is the price?

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I like the fllat paint scheme and the seat stay cluster/brake bridge looks good. Weird head tub/top tube intersection design.


Made in Fujian, China by Winspace Sprots (sic) Requipment (sic) Company.

Company website: http://www.winspacebikes.com.cn/


They'll probably be on ePay next week in the $500-$600 price range.


Too legit to quit.


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there is a group called velobuild.com. You can join and they have negotiated an individual and a group purchase price for it. $600 as an individual  order $500 as a group purchase.

( + delivery and extras)

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Surely Marco and mpiet aren't here to shill for Winspace.
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Originally Posted by alienator View Post

Surely Marco and mpiet aren't here to shill for Winspace.


I shill you not.  I am however going to pursue the purchase of one via the group buy on velobuild.com as Marco has pointed out.



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Ok, so being a newby what am I looking at? Seriously what should I know.

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I shill you not. I am however going to pursue the purchase of one via the group buy on velobuild.com as Marco has pointed out.




At $500-$600 it's a steal. You're risking almost nothing. Build it up and armor up for a few destructive test abuses. I got 5-1/2 seasons of hard training/racing out of a cheap assed no-name "Douglas" Taiwan Wonder and it still rides like the day I unboxed it. The first few weeks of bombing off hill at 40-50 MPH I was scared shitless. The frame eventually convinced me it wasn't going to fold up anytime soon.


Cheap commie labor learning capitalism from the ground floor is cranking out some decent deals in throwaway racing bikes...no fiberglass needed to buy a BMW or Cadillac in Peiping neighbor!


Good luck guy! Let me know how they work out for you.


Dave, there's about three ways to go in carbon wonder frame these days. First off, you have your $3,000-$7,000 bragadaccio specials from all the 'name' companies. They're built in commieland or Taiwan (except for the blow apart French pride specials and a few fine Churman frames) and blow apart at the same rate as everything else from the looks of things (screw your science). Nice stuff and perfect for impressing your fellow club members.


Next up. more resonably priced middle-line stuff from the same outfits. Always less money and a hundred grams or so heavier. Made of less exotic carbon, it takes more material to yield the same strength, stiffness, etc. and you 'may' gain a bit more durability from the increased mass. Maybe not. Decent stuff usually and about perfect for training on. Almost cheap enough to make a good throwaway weekend commando bike. They're built in conmmieland or Taiwain for the most part, too.


Lastly, you got the "you pays yo' money and takes yo' chances" specials like the new Windoz7Space here. There's any number of new names showing up on ePay and the Chicom biz-to-biz websites. Clones of famous label designs...new designs...amalgams of various designs...blatent patent ripoffs...original details...all for $400-$1,000 generally. Group buy introductions and low production runs are the norm. Remember, you may never see this 'brand' or model offered again.


You can't ride a 'name' and if product 'support' doesn't mean much to you (for a $500 bill you sure as heck shouldn't expect much anyways IMO) or if you are a racer on a budget or just sensible enough to not want to replace a $2,000-$4,000 high-end racing frameset after getting pushed into the gutter at the famous East Podunck World Criterium Championship...the no-namers are aimed right up your alley.


What you should know is that all chicom stuff is suspect. Doesn't matter what product it is or what price level it's sold at. The best stuff the Chinese crank out are firearms and even they are junk. They can put a man in orbit, lauch nuclear armed ICBM's and sell you milk made with melamine, concret that never cures, drywall full of toxic fumes and sulpher dioxide outgassing...and they'll laugh all the way to the babk whether they'r ripping off the People's Liberation Army Purchasing Committee...or you or me. One last point I've learned from decades of buying ex-commie country firearms...NO ONE learns to love capitalism like an ex-commie. With all the good and bad that goes with it.


It's all a shot in the dark and frankly, for the risk level involved (you have to make that determination based on your bank account, of course), I will say it again...I think the no-name stuff can be a hellova good deal. Put it on your best plastic and contest the charges on the odd chance you get burned on the deal or the product turns out to made from dried oatmeal.

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Originally Posted by CAMPYBOB View Post

"Good luck guy! Let me know how they work out for you."


Will do.

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Thought I would chime in


I've been doing triathlons on a no name TT frame for about 3 years (minus 2012 due to a foot injury) I bought it at the time for $400 on special plus $85 shipping (got to me in one week, it was $200 off regular price). It's all black, it looks like Darth Vader's evil bike and I've had ZERO issues with it.


I'm looking to get rid of it now just because I want to try something new, it's still as rock solid as the day I received it in the mail.


PS: Most of the sellers will paint whatever scheme you want on the frame, for a small price.

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Good to hear, IM. I hope your foot heals up and you get back to riding and running!

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