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Hello from Vancouver, Canada. Winter is setting in, so lots of indoor riding. I always dreaded it, but started using TrainerRoad this week, and now look forward to these rides. In fact, I did 5 sessions last week. I never trained with power, and did not want to purchase a Power Meter. This allows me to get Power Data. As well, it gives me structured plans based on Power (or LHTR if you prefer)

I can mirror the workout to my flat screen TV and even watch movies with the workout data streaming at the bottom of the screen.

I am not affiliated with them at all. They are a start-up, and I want to spread the word so they can get te numbers of users they need to make this viable. Only $10/month.
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I've never heard of this . Where was their marketing!
I owe you !
but it is perfect for my training needs for the indoor season. reasonably priced too!
No hub, no wires,
I'm ordering the ant stick ASAP!
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I've used trainerroad for the last 8 weeks following the Carmichael time crunched training plan. Only good things to say. If you start getting bored of just following the power profiles I highly recommend you check out some of the video integrations. Trainerroad plus a sufferfest video takes it up another notch again!
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You're in Vancouver? You should be still riding outside.

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You should really buy a few sufferfest videos, they integrate with TrainerRoad.  The combo keeps me interested and it calculates all the intervals based on your FTP just like the other rides...





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I have only used Spinervals with coach Troy.  I really like them and my Kurt Kinetic trainer.  I have previewed many other DVD's but I like the coaching best.  He tells you the set and why before you go into it.  In other words what is the purpose of the interval training?  Aerobic or Anaerobic?  What are your weak spots?  Hills or getting dropped?  I try to have a purpose in training but then a rest day is a good time for a epic ride like the scenes in many other DVD's.  Best of all You are in the seat.


I only use a Garmin 705 with Heart Rate monitor plus speed and cadence.  No power meter.


Reading Carmichael's book now on the Time Crunched Cyclist.  May look into this next.  


I watch them on the flat screen in the living room.  Use Apple TV and Wifi to link to computer.  I have about 59 Spinerval DVD but that includes notes so not all are workouts.  The Iron Girl ones are my favorite.


I started at 230 pounds (April 2012) and I am at 148 pounds now.  


Please add suggestions!  



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