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Spacers on Mavic Hub?

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I recently upgraded my wheelset  to a pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLs from Mavic Aksium Race wheels, and transferred my Shimano Ultegra 10-speed cassette. While removing the cassette from the Aksiums, I noticed 2 spacers beneath it, and transferred both to the new hub of my Carbone SLs. Everything seems to fit fine, and I've tested my shifting on a bike stand, but not ridden outside yet due to weather. The new wheelset came with only one spacer - which was the exact same size as one (of two) residing on the older wheelset hub.

My questions pertain to the second, thinner spacer found on the older wheelset hub. (See attached pic) I tried to do some research, and am asking others with experience to confirm and/or clarify what I've been reading.

As I understand it, the first thicker spacer is proprietary to Mavic, and lends the M10 hub additional compatibility with Campagnolo cassettes as well as Shimano. For it to mate with 8 or 9-speed Shimano cassettes correctly, the 2mm (?) thick spacer ring becomes necessary as these cassettes are slightly narrower than their Campagnolo counterparts.

The 10-speed Shimano cassettes are slightly narrower still, and require an additional spacer of 1mm in thickness. I hope I'm getting it right, but please feel free to correct me…I was searching informal postings on other bike forums, dating back at least 7 years. The sizing of these spacers is slightly confusing. Upon searching, I read that Mavic spacers can be "about 3mm" thick, which led me to think that perhaps in the past one thicker spacer was used, versus 2 smaller ones now (a 2mm Mavic + 1mm Shimano together).

Could anyone clear this up for me? I admit that my measuring technique was pretty rudimentary; using a cheap plastic ruler instead of calipers, so perhaps that is part of the problem.

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FWIW. If the Cassette is snug without the additonal spacer(s), then you do not need it/(them) ...

Similarly, if the Cassette is loose, then you need an appropriately thick spacer-or-spacers to take up the slack space ...

Simply put -- space, spacer ... no space, no spacer!
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The Shimano shim is 1mm wide, and it's there to fit Shimano 10-speed cassettes to standard Shimano 8-, 9-, and 10-speed hubs. Shimano and several other companies also make hubs that are 10-speed only.


I believe you're right about the Mavic shim. Swapping Mavic cassette bodies between Shimano and Campagnolo is pretty trivial. I've never measured the thickness of that shim and I'm not feeling too motivated to remove a cassette to measure it right now. 2mm sounds about right.


We have some shims for running Dura-Ace 9000 wheels with 10-speed cassettes. If the spline patterns are identical, it looks as though Mavic wheels will run 9000 11-speed using just a different complement of shims.


On a side note, SRAM 10-speed road cassettes are the same width as Shimano 9-speed. You could say the shim is built in. It was a really unpleasant surprise to learn this trying to fit a SRAM cassette to one of those 10-speed hubs.

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