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This was written on a board in answer to a young lady that was seeking someone to care for her
special needs in areas of constipation and needing enemas. It was followed by a response from Dr.
Knox advising her to have hope that this could happen. After his post another person put that men
only seek to be nice to women because they want "to get in their pants" and value only nice looking
women. This is a response to that.

You comments, following Dr. Knox's are certainly strange. If ever a man did not fit the image you
put out, it certainly isn't Dr. Knox. It is a little like saying all women just love men for their
money and what they can do for them. I am certain there are a few, perhaps many women that are like
that, but most of us aren't. We love, just as men love in a good and caring way. And I think the
overwhelming majority of us are that way.

Dr. Knox comes here and post, as well as other places on the internet to help other people. He is
never discourteous and always give accurate, factual information. I know when he met his last
lady from the internet, they had been talking on the phone and emailing for months before. He
already loved her before he met her. He told her on the phone before their first meeting that he
would love her as she was, with no changes, and he was true to that for their entire
relationship. She was beautiful in her soul, and promised to serve God and good with him, to try
to make a better world for their presence. She was beautiful physically as well, but that was
never why he loved her. It was her

relationship, and he and she always respected that. When she was killed by someone that did not
understand the nature of their love, he blamed himself, and has never been open to any other
relationships because of her death. So K need not worry about getting together with him. He wouldn't
be open to it.

As above he gives advice and seeks to help others. In all the years he has worked on line to do this
he has been alone, except for the time she helped him. In all of America and the first world, she
was the only person that tried to serve God and good with him that was able to help as was needed.
With her death, what little hope he had of ever serving God, or the 1st world serving God or good
has disipated. He believes he will remain alone so long as he knows remains trapped in areas of the
world dedicated to serving greed and evil, because no love or good can exist in that environment.

And as far as all men "just wanting in a woman's pants!!!" Only a small percentage of mature men are
like that. When young a lot of men or women are,

becomes far more important. It is better to have a friend with love, than a lover without

What K is talking about is important though, compatibility is fulfilling each other's needs. I know
in talking to Dr. Knox that he has had far more loving relationships in his life with ladies than
probably all his detractors combined have had. (I may be writing a novel that describes this part of
his life someday. I am taking notes to get that ready) A number of his friends have asked him to
write a book on this. However, he says it is not necessary. It is not his looks, charm, or money
that made this happen. It is very simply that he loves. He cares about those in his life, and he
tries to do what is best for and makes them happy. If you would be a lover, the key word is to love.
In his teens he was no greater success in this area than most men, and the reason was that he was
"just trying to get in their pants" as you say. That turned around when he realized that the key to
happiness is giving happiness not getting it. The reason he had so many loves in his twenties and
early thirties was not what he tried to get, but what he gave. If you guys, men or women, would
follow this example, you would find your lives much richer. If you will think of your partner first
and seek to love, care for them, and do what is best for them, as Dr. Knox has, someday you may find
yourself as beloved as he has been.

As for K, yes, if you have chronic constipation, then a man that is open to caring for this will
fill your needs better. Now how are you going to fill his, and bring him happiness?

It is Christmas Day. Jesus is accepted as the prophet of love in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as
well as most of the other faiths of the world. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if in our nations,
dedicated to only greed, getting and keeping and evil, just woke up this morning and were open to
love and called their friends to share that love, rather than just viewing others, as objects "to
get in their pants" or disposal units to sell drugs to rather than let them have more healthful
enemas because that is what is better for the them and all the world?

Ds. Knox has long opposed corporations because they have no souls and their only purpose is greed
and getting money by any method. This certainly is a major source of evil in our world, but what
if corporations in their incept and design were designed to serve humanity and the world, and
were rated on how well they made the world a better place? What if? It could be. It is
Christmas. The world can change if love lives again in our world. The world and America and
other nations can serve God and good, if this happened. How can you change your life to make
this happen. How can we change the economic base of our system to one that serves God and good
rather than Satan and evil.