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Re: Road bikes

In article <ng1c401jrdufd21eu4kom3sikeo46jr7pl@4ax.com>, Richard Bates wrote:
>On Wed, 3 Mar 2004 16:20:15 -0000, in <1078330784.28284.0@nnrp-t71-02.news.uk.clara.net>, "Doki"
><doki@spamtroNspidar.com> wrote:
>>Any ideas on what lamps to get? I don't want one of those naff flashing LED things on the back or
>>something that gives out as much light as one of those photon lights strapped to the front. Proper
>>lights please, preferably as bright as a car tail light at the back (15W Halogen IIRC) and at
>>least 30W facing forwards...
>30W up front will require a battery almost as heavy as the bike itself!

A 35W Lumicycle will last over an hour for a 790g system weight. "Only" costs 150 pounds.

If he wants 30W lasting for hours off cheap lead-acid it could easily be as heavy as the
bike though.
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Re: Road bikes

> It's a sensible style of bike - the website doesn't seem to say anything more about it.

It's a good shop, but bad website :-( Incredibly helpful when you go in though.
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Re: Road bikes

Doki wrote:
> I agree entirely that there's nothing up with LEDs. The LED traffic lights and brake lights are
> very bright, almost painful in fact, I think due to the fact that LEDs produce light on a very
> narrow frequency. It's just the majority of things I see cyclists using (if they're using lights)
> are horribly inadequate.

Most of them would be adequate if fresh batteries were used.

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Re: Road bikes

On Wed, 03 Mar 2004 16:58:58 +0000, anonymous coward
<anonymous.coward@nospam.nowhere> wrote:

>> What are clipless pedals? I've only used the normal variety you get on a boggo bike. I'd prefer
>> not to wear stupid shoes to ride a bike or any variety of lycra or nylon if at all possible .
>The next step up from ordinary pedals is to use toeclips - this is a pocket on the end of the pedal
>that you insert your toe into. It means you are pedalling with the right part of your foot (your
>toe rather than your heel - heels feel more 'natural' to me at least, but is less efficient) and it
>means you can pull up on the pedals as well as pushing down.
>'Clipless pedals' sound like they should be a step back from these because they don't have
>toeclips. Instead, you wear special shoes that mechanically clip on to the pedals.


My first set of clipless pedals and shoes cost around 70 quid in total. In the previous few years,
wearing trainers and using toe-clips, I demolished several pairs of trainers - a cost of more than
double the amount.

Like most, I had a few interesting moments at first but got used to them within a very short time.
I'd say forget the toe-clips and go straight to clipless.

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