“The Discovery of MRET Water ” by Dr.Igor Smirnov

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    World’s first US-patented MRET Water System developed to
    increase water’s therapeutic and energizing benefits
    The discovery of a Revolutionary non-chemical system can transform
    molecular structure of water to create “Healing water”
    that will impact human health

    Health-conscious consumers in Thailand will soon be able to benefit
    from drinking great-tasting bio-available water produced by the
    world’s first MRET Water System, a safe, non-chemical process to
    activate and energise water and other fluids. The MRET Water System
    uses the groundbreaking Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET)
    to change ordinary fluids – including tap water, wine, milk and
    juices – into a bio-available form, which are both therapeutic
    and energizing to the human body.

    The people who are sick, especially those suffering from diabetes,
    skin problem, high blood pressure and the elderly population can
    specially feel the benefits of water produced by MRET.

    The Discovery
    While on a government commission to investigate the normalizing effect
    of certain mountain spring water in southern Russia on victims of the
    Chernobyl radioactive fallout in the 1980s, Dr. Igor Smirnov found
    that certain spring water showed high-energy activity and an unusual
    physical configuration of its molecules. From his discovery, Dr
    Smirnov developed a system that uses subtle, low frequency
    electromagnetic field to activate water and obtained a patent in the
    US in February 2000 (US Patent 6,022,479 “Method and Device for
    Producing Activated Liquids and Methods of Use Thereof”).

    “MRET water is considered bio-available as it closely resembles
    cellular water in the human body. Laboratory tests have showed that
    MRET water is programmed with signature frequencies that enhance
    cellular functions with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal
    properties – without using chemical additives. MRET water can
    help to rejuvenate and purify the body, support the immune system as
    well as promote healthy metabolism and youthful appearance,”
    explained Dr. Igor Smirnov, inventor and patent-owner of MRET.

    Public Seminar hosted by internationally-reknown Thai Doctor : Dr /
    Prof Narong
    Prof Narong is a Director of Health & Beauty Center at Deja General
    Hospital in Thailand , the President of Anti-Aging Society of Thailand
    and a Consultant at the Department of Plastic Surgery at Somdej
    Praprinklao Hospital in Royal Navy Thailand. Honorary Professor of
    Laser Surgery, Military Postgraduate Medical School and Chinese PLA
    General Hospital, Beijing, China since 1993. President, International
    Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine.
    He will be hosting a Public Seminar to introduce MRET, publicly, for
    the first time. The Seminar is organized by Health Relations Co Ltd.
    At this Seminar, the inventor of MRET, Dr Igor Smirnov, will also be
    present to share his discovery.
    The title of this Seminar : “ The Discovery and Science of
    Healing Water”
    Date: 30th Jannuary 2004
    Time: I:00 PM – 4:30PM
    Place: Pacific Club ,the Pacific Place Hotel ,
    Sukumvit Rd. Soi 6 , Bangkok.
    Individuals and organizations who are interested to participate in
    this Public Seminar, can call 661 7516775, to register

    Contacts for more information:
    For more information please contact Khun Sawasathorn (Ae) 01 7516775
    @ Health Relations Co.,Ltd. E’mail
    address: sawasathorn@hotmail.com

    Health Relations Co Ltd : This is a Company that had been recently
    incorporated in Thailand to bring this discovery to Thais.

    Here's a link which is for a transcript of a European broadcast of an
    interview on tv with Dr. Igor Smirnov, the psychotronic wizard of

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