A rice plum pudding.

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    Take three jills of whole rice; wash it, and boil it in a pint of
    milk. When it is soft, mix in a quarter of a pound of butter, and
    set it aside to cool; and when it is quite cold, stir it into
    another pint of milk. Prepare a pound and a half of raisins or
    currants; if currants, wash and dry them; if raisins, seed them
    and cut them in half. Dredge them well with flour, to prevent
    their sinking; and prepare also a powdered nutmeg; a table-spoonful
    of mixed mace and cinnamon powdered; a wine glass of rose
    water; and a wine glass of brandy or white wine. Beat six eggs
    very light, and stir them into the mixture, alternately with a
    quarter of a pound of sugar. Then add by degrees the spice and the
    liquor, and lastly, stir in, a few at a time, the raisins or
    currants. Put the pudding into a buttered dish and bake it an hour
    and a half. Send it to table cool.

    You may make this pudding of ground rice, using but half a pint
    instead of three jills.

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