Avid BB7 and Avid Mountain Ball Bearing Disc Brakes

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by Plodder, Dec 14, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    I need your collective wisdom. Is there a difference between the Avid
    BB7 and the Avid Mountain Ball Bearing disc brakes?

    I bought a set (front and rear) from an eBay seller advertised as 2005
    BB7s. The brakes I got have Mountain Ball Bearing on the box and 2002
    Mountain Ball Bearing Disc brake installation guidelines enclosed (links to
    various PDFs below). The rotors are 160mm.

    It's unclear from the Avid website if there's a difference. I want to
    know if I've been diddled. It looks to me like there's no difference in the
    caliper. The BB7 instructions only have drawings, so it's hard to tell. I'm
    thinking there may be a caliper difference - does the "7" refer to a 7 inch

    http://www.sram.com/_media/techdocs/bbdb-mtn-160-install.pdf (2002
    installation - the one that's in my boxes)

    http://www.sram.com/_media/techdocs/2006_BB5and7_English.pdf (described as
    "Ball Bearing 5 and 7 User Manual")

    Drop DACKS to reply

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    May 18, 2004
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    It's quite common for companies to produce a single manual for a whole product family (eg the BB range). The product family may well be know as Avid Mountain ball bearing disc brake.

    The manual being from 2002 is a bit more of a worry. Right now I'd be weighing everything to see how it compares to the weights listed on http://weightweenies.starbike.com/listings.php, but I'm just a weight weenie :p.

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