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    Sorry Mr. Ferguson, had to beat you to the recipe. ;-)

    Here's mine, although I'm sure it's not 100% traditional. I used it in my Christmas dinner, and it
    tasted wonderfully rich.

    Dipped celery and crusty bread in it, really worked great. I do believe I ended up eating more of
    this than anything else for the meal. Just kept coming back for more.


    Bagna Cauda (Thanks to everyone for the spelling correction)

    Category : Appetizer; Seafood Dish; Dipping Sauce; Traditional Ethnic (Italian) Servings : estimate
    will handle a party size of 4 to 15 persons, give or take. Recipe Variation by : Chris ( or )

    2 Cans Anchovies (in oil, with capers) 2 sticks of Butter 4 buds of Garlic (nicely chopped)
    1/3rd Onion (nicely chopped) 1 pint Half n Half 1 pint Whipping Cream

    Drain oil from anchovies, pull or slice anchovie filets into fine bits, capers optional. Brown
    anchovies, capers, garlic, onion, butter, 3/4 half-n-half, 1/2 whipping cream for about 8 to 10
    minutes, or until thickened. Add remaining
    2/2 whipping cream, mix and serve warm.

    This works great with just about any vegetables, or bread. Great for parties or family meals. It'll
    be a big hit with anyone who loves butter, garlic, salt and fish.

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