CCA sells out our sport

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Here is a quick comparison of relative sponsorship values. It shows you how cheaply the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) gave away the rights for our sport nation-wide.

    Daniel Manibal, the promoter and President of the Montreal Women's Road World Cup held a press conference this week. He announced that his organization has received a minimum of $200,000 sponsorship from the Quebec and Montreal governments. That does not include private sponsorship. That's for a week of women's racing.

    The CCA has given away the entire sport of cycling in this country, all national championships, road, track, mountain and BMX... AND the rights to ALL Nationals teams, road, track MTB and BMX for about $100,000. Remember we have to guess because the CCA refuses to make this information public. No doubt they are embarrassed.

    That means about four weeks of racing for ALL categories in all disciplines, and Men and Women, in four different locations across the country with thousands of athletes, and one would hope national press coverage at least given they are NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, for all that the CCA is getting less than half what one race organizer is getting for a few days of women's racing in one place.

    This is a complete disgrace.

    Worse there are no plans or personnel in place at the CCA to do anything more. All we have is empty rhetoric.

    This is outright negligence.


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