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    of interest to people on the northwest side of chicago-

    There's a shop called Get a Grip Cycles I would like to recommend.

    On my Saturday morning ride the bottom bracket on my Masi spun out the
    right side, ending my ride. I called this shop and told them I would
    like to drop the bike off, but that I'd be in a hurry, and I would like
    to run in with the the bike sans wheels and run out. When I got there a
    ticket had already been prepared and I literally spent less than 25
    seconds dropping off the bike.

    They had it fixed hours later (retapping the threads, a little
    cleaning, the BB was okay), I rode the bike 35 miles yesterday and the
    repair is fine. I really liked their attitude towards service, and they
    love cycling.

    This shop used to be a typical toy bike shop owned by a guy who wasn't
    himself an avid cyclist (or didn't appear to be), and the other shops
    in the neighborhood are really poor ie, there is one where they do not
    even allow bikes in the store (!)

    Get a Grip is at 4359 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL. 60641,




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