Mavic Hub Bearing Replacement - Comete +/- Disk

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Mike C, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Mike C

    Mike C Guest

    I've found a 130 axle and bearing to replace my old 126 axle so I can
    use my old Comete +/- disk on my carbon TT bike! I went to tap the
    axle with bearing back in and found that there is a bushing or shim
    that went all the way around lining the outside of the bearing race on
    the freewheel side. It had started to curl away from the hubshell, and
    I couldn't get it to smooth or flatten enough to get the bearing
    started. After fiddling, I noticed the ends of the shim curling even
    more. As I tried to smooth the edges, they curled more and the entire
    shim came off. It looks as if it may have been epoxied in place. Does
    anyone have experience with this type of situation and can you provide
    some help regarding shim replacement, materials etc. Is there a
    slightly larger diameter bearing that could be used for a snug fit
    without the shim? The fit without the shim has too much play - the
    shim looks to be about half the thickness of a coke can. Thanks for
    any help or recommendations on shops that might be of assistance.


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