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  1. Vincelemay

    Vincelemay Guest

    Hi all,

    You have a new member to the club: I just received my brand
    new Coker this afternoon!!!

    I didn't have time for a real ride, but I couldn't let it
    rest. As soon as I touched it, I tried. I freemounted the
    first time, and I was surprised how a pleasure it is to
    ride. Tough acceleration and deceleration need some getting
    used to, it's more easy than I thought. So tomorrow I'm
    gonna put a rail-seat-post, my air seat and DX pedals and go
    for a real test.



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  2. Cokerhead

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    Excellent. I remember my first Coker ride like it was
    yesterday. I spent 2 hours reading the owners manual over &
    over:) I finally just got on and rode like 14 miles (w/
    jeans on :( ). It really opened my eyes & blew my mind. It
    still does----13,000 miles later. -Mark

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