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    Feb 25, 2018
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    I'm beyond frustrated. The local bike shops do not stock Clydesdale-sized jackets, so I can't confirm fit prior to purchase. I think they thought I was joking when I told them I was searching for bicycle gear. If the bike shop stocked what I needed, I'd buy it on the spot. I've researched large sized reviews onlne to narrow my search (Performance Bike, Aero Tech, and more) only to find sizes beyond large out of stock. I'm searching for a jacket I can stuff in my jersey pocket, costs under $100, is at least rain resistant, not snug fitting, and a visible color (yellow, red, orange, etc.). Removable sleeves would be a plus. I'm 5'10", 250+ pounds, with a chest that is 48-49" so I need a 2X or 3X. Anyone have a success story or link to this hard to find jacket?