Re: At last, a credit card for the Serious Cyclist!

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by Alan Braggins, Apr 1, 2005.

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  2. In article <>, Tony Raven wrote:
    >Alan Braggins wrote:
    >> Which bit is wrong? It looks consistemt with

    >It doesn't arrive with a security guard and computer

    And Snopes says "Hooper was probably attempting to add to the black
    card's mystique by speaking with his tongue planted in his cheek,
    however. Some of our readers who possess Centurion cards have reported
    that their new plastic arrived with no hoopla at all, nary a security
    guard nor a mini-computer."

    >The interest rates are a nonsense
    >because its a charge card not a credit card - you have to pay it off in
    >full at the end of each month so there is no interest.

    But "such premium cards" includes credit cards as well. The "Britain's
    NatWest came out with its version of an ebony premium charge card in
    2002" might be wrong, that is a credit card (but maybe they did a charge
    only version in 2002).

    (And of course charge card conditions do specify the interest rates
    if payments are late. I've no idea whether they are significantly
    different for premium cards though.)

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