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    R.f.c folks, notice the followup to r.f.p.

    zxcvbob wrote:
    Subject: Preliminary report: Olmsted County Fair
    > I didn't win that big purple ribbon, but I did get the big pink one --
    > Reserve Champion for my dried diced green peppers. Woo-Hoo! I entered a
    > 20-something ounce mason jar full of them; when you opened the jar you
    > could smell them, and they were still dark green (with an occasional red
    > piece) and crunchy. There's no telling how many pounds of fresh peppers
    > that was.
    > I also got a bunch of blue ribbons, and I think a white ribbon for my
    > beef jerky, and I don't remember if there was a red ribbon in there
    > somewhere. I'll give a full report Sunday night after I pick them up.
    > I had trouble finding 2 of my jars; the marmalade and the crabapple
    > jelly. They weren't on display up front and they weren't with the rest
    > of the entries. Turns out, there was a refrigerated display for
    > everything that they opened. (That's also where the Grand Champion was;
    > someone's jar of "Mango Jalapeno Jam". That does sound like an
    > interesting combination, don't it?) I'm surprised they hadn't opened
    > all the jars of jam and jelly like I think they've done in the past. No
    > pickles or relishes or canned fruit were opened, just a few jams and
    > jellies.
    > Best regards,
    > Bob

    Overall I'm quite pleased. I thought the beef jerky would do better
    than it did, and I thought the either jelly or marmalade would get some
    kind of champion ribbon because they turned out perfect. The peppers
    totally surprised me. I also didn't expect more than a red ribbon from
    the salsa because I know they don't open the jars here.

    Six entries, 8 ribbons:

    1) Dried peppers: Blue ribbon, and Reserve Champion judge's comments
    say "Aroma is excellent. Nice color and Good label" These were mild
    "Longhorn" peppers that I got seeds from George Shirley.

    2) Hot Pickled Carrots: Blue ribbon, judge's comments says "Great label
    - contains all requirements You left ring as required however it boiled
    out during canning and over time it became sticky and rusted the ring.
    Remove ring when cool wipe jar and replace ring for judging. Check to
    make sure it sealed - it did" [note to self: replace the ring with a
    new one before entering next year]

    3) Tomatillo Salsa: Blue ribbon, and "Award or Merit" (I asked what
    this meant and they told me it was just below Reserve Champion) judge's
    comments says "Great label, it's done according to instructions"
    (apparently the label counts for a whole lot)

    4) Beef Jerky: White ribbon (no judge's comments)

    5) Tangerine Marmalade: Blue ribbon, jar was opened, no judge's comments

    6) Crabapple Jelly: Red ribbon, jar was opened, no judge's comments

    Best regards,

    * * *

    Hot And Spicy Carrots

    4 hot peppers
    4 cloves garlic
    1 tsp. rosemary
    2 lb. carrots, cut 3" long
    2 c. water
    2 c. white vinegar
    3 T. sugar
    3 T. salt

    Halve peppers, lengthwise [thinly sliced habanero is good]. In each
    of 4 pint jars, put in 1 pepper, 1 garlic clove, and 1/4 teaspoon
    Pack jars full of carrots. Combine water, vinegar, sugar and salt and
    bring to a boil in large kettle. Pour over carrots to fill jars.
    Get air bubbles out, adjust caps. Process in boiling water bath for 10

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