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    > Why Only Whites are Evil
    > Why do the media go ballistic when Whites unite? Sometimes we find
    > real insights reading Jewish publications intended mainly for Jewish
    > eyes.
    > by Frank Roman
    > November 23, 2005
    > A VERY perceptive American citizen posted the following words in a
    > popular Internet discussion forum:
    > "When Indians have identity it is called culture. When Blacks have
    > identity it is called pride. When Semites (Jews) have identity it is
    > called history. When White People have identity it's called racism!"
    > If you have been paying attention, you understand how true this really
    > is. When was the last time you saw or heard a member of one of the
    > above-mentioned 'minorities' publicly interviewed about their group
    > pride and then pilloried by the media with cries of "racism"?
    > I'll answer that question for you: Except for only the most extreme
    > cases, at no time are non-Whites pilloried for their racial pride. If
    > you have not been paying attention, simply peruse our Web site --
    > -- and examine the thousands of cases
    > of anti-White media bias we've uncovered.
    > [ ]
    > [ ]
    > [ ]
    > And take a moment to listen to this public service announcement:
    > [ listen to PSA here:
    > ]
    > See what I mean? White people are simply not allowed to collectively
    > express themselves as a group with their own interests without severe
    > negative consequences from the powers that be. But non-White groups
    > get the green light from the media, the churches, the schools, and the
    > establishment for their incessant self-promotion. Why is that?
    > A major part of the puzzle is the fact that Jews dominate our mass
    > media, and they have a racial agenda. Listen to the following quote
    > from Earl Raab of Brandeis University's Institute of Jewish Advocacy,
    > from one of his columns in the San Francisco Jewish Bulletin:
    > "The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American
    > population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all
    > be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-
    > Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have
    > been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry
    > for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but
    > the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it
    > irreversible...."*
    > Mr. Raab uses the terms 'Nazi-Aryan' and 'bigot' as a slick way of
    > demonizing White solidarity. What he's really saying is that Jews feel
    > more comfortable as a minority when there are lots of other minorities
    > around. They don't feel comfortable when a country consists almost
    > entirely of one people, with one culture and a common identity. Jews
    > stick out like a sore thumb then. People might notice them and their
    > behavior more. So to solve the "problem" of White Americans having
    > their own country, Jews have arranged for us to be swamped by non-
    > Whites. And Raab is crowing about the fact that they've taken our
    > country away from us.
    > Preventing Whites from doing anything about our dispossession --
    > preventing us from even thinking about our own survival as a people --
    > preventing us from undoing what Raab and his ilk have done to us -- is
    > the real reason the media treat White racialists as if they are evil
    > incarnate and Black and Brown racialists like they are heroes.
    > I'm Frank Roman. Thank you for listening and I will speak with you
    > again.
    > * (See Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique, Praeger, 1998, pp.
    > 194-195 and pp. 246-247; and Peter Brimelow, Alien Nation, Random
    > House, 1995, pp.118-119.)

    And why should not White people be encouraged to have White Solidarity or
    White Pride Festivals? Some cities have Irish fests, German fests,etc,
    festivals focused on geography, why not White Fests? All people would be
    welcome to help us celebrate our european heritage.




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