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  1. Radical Reed

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    alright, heres the situation. today I noticed a very slight movment in
    my uni when I hoped around, at first I thought it was the pedels, so I
    tightend the bearings. but then i lifted the uni and I found I could
    feel a shaking in the hub (I think) when I jiggled the wheel. does any
    one know what this is/ how to fix it?

    i don't know if this will help, but I ride Profile cranks/hub


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    This happened to my girlfriends uni, and my uni when I got a new frame.

    Seras brother, Zach, thought it was the pedals, took them off, put them
    back on real tight, it still rattled. He then though is was her hub.

    I cam over a little after that to ride with everyone and they told me
    the problem, so i looked at it and jiggled it back in forth, and notice
    one of the bearing holders was loose.

    This happened on my uni when I got my new frame, I side hopped down an
    8-set and wrecked the landed, got up, did it again and landed, but
    noticed it being loose, I though my hub or cranks bent or something,
    then realised the bearing holder came loose form the frame being new.

    Check that and see if it is what is causing the problem.


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    +1 to both...It happens to me every so often.


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  6. Klaas Bil

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    On Mon, 14 Aug 2006 08:43:04 -0500, Radical Reed wrote:

    >Hey! you guys were all correct. thanks a lot:D

    Now the challenge is to NOT overtighten the bearing holders. The
    criterion is that the wheel should spin freely.

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