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    I mentioned the shoes I like to use on another thread, and then realized
    that since I've only tried out six or seven kinds of shoes, I may be
    completely missing out on some really good thing, even though I'm pretty
    happy with what I have.

    I was given a pair of nice, but worn, Vasque hikers, and the tread
    seemed to grip onto the pedals in an utterly awesome way, especially
    considering that I wore them because the trail was a sodden mess that
    day. I don't like wearing hikers all the time to ride, though, so I
    ordered some Vasque trail-runners called Velocitys, hoping the sole
    would work as well. They do. The knobbly soles seem to grab the pins
    on my pedals really well.

    So, what does everyone else ride in? Is there some wonderful shoe that
    John Foss, Andrew Carter or Kris Holm prefers?


    Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.
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