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  1. My name is Jim Wetherell & I am in a life fight with Parkinson's disease, & I have ridden more than
    32,000 miles since July of '98, when I decided to "Never Give Up". I have been blessed with much
    help from a number of businesses that have supplied me with quality equipment. But just recently I
    decided to upgrade my touring trike to a lighter, & smaller unit because of transportation problems
    on the Amtrak trains. I was able to purchase a new Logo Trike, but it took all the money I had, & I
    have an open contract to make $ 100.00 a month payments for 8 more months. But this morning, someone
    decided that they wanted my new trike more than me. It was stolen sometime between 4:30 - 7:30AM,
    12/06/03. I ride for Parkinson's awareness & to give hope to those who need a little push. My
    website is used by many, & rated highly. I have just recieved an invitation to
    join a group called "Pedalling for Parkinnson's next, July, to ride the "RAGBRAI" (Ride across Iowa)
    with them. The group leader, Jay Alberts Ph.D is a PD researcher, studying the effects of cycling on
    the mobility of people with Parkinson's. That is a 450+ mile trip, done in 7 days. The trike they
    stoled weighed 34 lbs. The trike that remains weighs over 50 lbs. On a long trip like this, 20 lbs
    can make you "Bonk", especially when it's not your only battle. Is there such a thing as an APB for
    a lost recumbent Logo trike? It is Purple & Teal over silver, w/a blue seat. If you find it, you can
    reach me at I wish I could afford to offer a reward.

    Sincerely "Parky" Jim Wetherell A Parkinson's Survivor

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    Where did the theft occur or did I miss it in your posting? Sorry for your loss.

    Slow Joe Recumbo (J. Parky Wetherell) wrote in message
    news:<>... <SNIP>
    > My name is Jim Wetherell & I am in a life fight with Parkinson's disease, & I have ridden more
    > than 32,000 miles since July of '98, when I decided to "Never Give Up".
    <SNIP> It was stolen sometime between 4:30 - 7:30AM, 12/06/03. <SNIP
  3. Joe Keenan asked:
    > Where did the theft occur? ...

    Jim's new LoGo was stolen in Hemet, California, located roughly between Riverside and Palm Springs.
    Since it was taken from his driveway in the very early morning, he believes that it was most likely
    to have been a local lowlife that snatched it, probably to some extent as a crime of opportunity.
    LoGos are still very rare in the USA, and we would very much appreciate it if anyone who spots a
    tadpole trike anywhere in SoCal that seems at all suspicious would follow up a bit.

    Jim's LoGo looks a bit like a Trice with tapered, upswept chainstays; its 18" front wheels are
    unusual. It's easy to distinguish it from most Greenspeeds by its full rear frame triangle and
    lumbar support in the seat. Its silver gray frame may be sprayed over, but it's less likely than the
    thief would try to recolor the navy blue seat fabric. Please email me if you like; I should be able
    to verify whether any LoGo in your area is likely to be legitimate. Bike shops should be alert to
    any requests for 18" (ETRTO 355) tires or tubes for a trike. At least drop Jim (Parky) a note to let
    him know if you may have a lead.

    I realize that many of you have met or at least seen Jim on rides, most likely on one of his
    Peninger delta trikes, and like me, have admired his untiring efforts to encourage other folks who
    are struggling with the symptoms of Parkinson' Disease. Most of you are not aware that this latest
    setback for Jim follows in the wake of his automobile being totalled last summer by a drunk driver
    while it was parked at a friend's home. This theft on top of that is just way too much...

    Wayne Leggett LoGo Trikes USA email: Phone: 805-302-2379

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