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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by astbury531, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Anyone know about the all steel Sweet Crank from the late 90's? Are the
    bottom bracket bearings replaceable?


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    On Fri, 04 Jun 2004 07:00:43 GMT, astbury531
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    >Anyone know about the all steel Sweet Crank from the late 90's? Are the
    >bottom bracket bearings replaceable?

    Yup. I still had one in use until a few weeks ago. Terrific crank!
    Yes, the bearings are replacable and are standard metric bearings,
    size 6804 and 6805. You will need one of each. Be sure to specify 2
    rubber seals. They are cheap. Buy the best they have at the bearing
    shop (ANY bearing shop will have them). To remove the bearings, you
    will need to be careful. On the side with the bearing external to the
    BB shell, you will simply be able to drift the bearing to the outside
    by using a wooden dowel as a drift punch and something for support (I
    used a shop towel and it worked fine. On the other side, there is a
    spacer that will come out first (drift the bearing toward the side
    without the tool splines). Again I used a wadded up shop rag for
    support, or you can bore out a block of wood with a hole the size of
    the threaded part to act as a support for the bearing shell.
    For God's sake, use green Loctite on the spacer only when you have
    reinstalled the bearings. The spacer is just a loose press fit and can
    come out if you don't Loctite it in. You can also use it on the inner
    bearing race to crank shaft interface. Let it set overnight, but spin
    it freely every few hours to make sure it isn't sitting cockeyed ever
    so slightly like it might if you are showing significant shaft wear.
    This wear is compensated for by the green Loctite in the shaft/bearing

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