Who is this MH <bastzine@worldnet.att.net> ???!!

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by MWL, Oct 12, 2004.

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    Reading through the posts of the day, this one sticks out like a sore
    In the thread ---- Stu Mittleman's Slow Burn book,,,,

    Read these choice tidbits from Martha attacking Ignoramus23816,,,


    Anough to blow your ridiculous theories out of the water, dipshit.

    TYPO? You mean, incorrect assumption. The typo is the least of your
    problems, dipshit.

    Hey, i have an idea...how about going out and actually RUNNING and
    trying to impress people, you only look more and more like the idiot
    truly are.


    If you go back and read her previous stuff, you'll see a LOT of this
    vitriol filled attack. Why is she so full of hate??

    The only one that seems to support her is the
    Jennifer-who-can't-seem-to-be - JMA aka bjenniferb@yahoo.com.

    Are these vitriolic old women going through menopause or are they just
    full of hate???

    Martha goes on attacking Ignoramus for not running and yet she barely
    runs herself. Is she a hypocrite or just a Republican who knows her
    time is up?? Why is she so obsessed with attacking Ignoramus? Why
    can't she just killfile him?? Why?? Why?? Why??



    Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry

  2. Dally

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    MWL wrote:

    > Read these choice tidbits from Martha attacking Ignoramus23816,,,

    It's so *easy* to attack Igor. He invites it in a trollish sort of way.
    Igor has been horribly cruel to JMA and quite a lot of the regulars on
    alt.support.diet dislike him for it. Martha is one of those. She's not
    hating him without cause, she has plenty of cause.

    Watch Igor's posts and you'll see what I mean about the trolling. He
    asserts unlikely things then defends them tenaciously. He doesn't get
    into ad hominem attacks but he does make sly accusations and assumptions
    that are nearly as provocative.

    And Martha has run in the past and is getting back into running now. I
    don't see any reason to get on her case about running.


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