Would-be mums told to avoid soya

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    On 23 Jun 2005 11:07:50 -0700, TC wrote in
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    > In Asian countries they eat only fermented soy.

    Hmm... At a Chinese restaurant I ate soy noodles.
    They also use soy sprouts.
    > Fermentation
    > neutralizes phyto-toxins.

    So does cooking, doesn't it?
    > Westerners eat or drink (as in "soymilk") the
    > soy bean without properly fermenting it to neutralize the phyto-toxins.
    > And in Asian countries much of the soy eaten is properly fermented and
    > used only as a condiment (as in soya sauce, Miso and Natto). They only
    > use soy as a protein replacement irregularly or when there is a
    > shortage of real protein foods.
    > Soy is not real food, especially when it is just ground up and
    > consumed. You must neutralize the phyto-toxins.

    Well, I guess you need to cook some other legumes (red beans for instance)
    as well :)

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