WTB: 700c or 29er 'cross or MTB disc wheelset

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  1. Hardwarelust

    Hardwarelust Guest

    Looking for a tough pair of 700c or 29er wheels to use with my MTB for on-road training (for use
    with slicks or 'cross tires.) Note; I am a Clydesdale (200+ lbs) and usually tough on wheels, so
    they must be strong.

    Must have: Shimano 8/9- spd cassette disc hubs with standard 6-bolt disc mount. Color, weight, and
    brand are somewhat unimportant (I am not a brand snob), but it would be kind of nice if they weren't
    TOO heavy. Used is perfectly OK if they're true, not too beat up, and have good bearings.

    I believe Mavic makes or made a set that fits this description if you know of a place that has them.
    I can't find them anywhere for sale.

    Anyway, reply here with e-mail and price.

  2. Kbabin0424

    Kbabin0424 New Member

    Jan 16, 2004
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    Try checking out:


    They can Custom build wheel with:

    XT Disc hubs
    Alex TD17 Disc only Rims
    DT 14G Black Spokes


    I have a set like this for my touring/cyclo bike and I wieght 220lbs. They seem holding up.

    Salsa also make a 29" rim....

    Hope this helps
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