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Maximum strength and cycling performance

Do you think that maximum strength is important for cycling performance?

What do you recommend to get the kind of pedalling power to push 30+? does squatting or leg pressing help?

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Cycling video thread

Add ’em as you create them! I know there are one or two other dudes on this site that like to create videos! About time we make a video thread! 

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Did you ride today?

Hopefully we can keep this going as a continuing thread. Post your mileage, stories, or whatever has to do with your ride for the day!

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Couple of bar wrap questions

My current wrap is overly cushy/puffy and I’d like to replace it with something moderately cushy – any suggestions on which brands offer a reasonably good range of wraps that maybe extend from thin and skin tight at one end of the spectrum to overly cushy/puffy at the other end ?

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