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Touring uk or france

I’m retired and a senior British female living in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a committed road cyclist, I have completed LeJog (Land’s End to John O’Groats in the UK), St Malo to Nice in France as well as several long distance routes in South Africa.

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Cycling video thread

Add ’em as you create them! I know there are one or two other dudes on this site that like to create videos! About time we make a video thread! 

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How often do you get a new bike?

How often do you get new bikes or consider getting new bikes? Do you give yourself limits in terms of years, income, or some other parameters? What qualities of a bike are most important to you?

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Couple of bar wrap questions

My current wrap is overly cushy/puffy and I’d like to replace it with something moderately cushy – any suggestions on which brands offer a reasonably good range of wraps that maybe extend from thin and skin tight at one end of the spectrum to overly cushy/puffy at the other end ?

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Why is it so hard to keep watts up on downhills?

During my VO2max intervals today i came to some downhills at maybe 4% and with a headwind. i had to go 100% effort just to keep my watts near my targeted zone. as soon as the road leveled off, my perceived exertion was much lower with power in the same zone.

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