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    HR on Turbo

    You are correct, its due to the extra heat caused by being in doors. The body has to maintain a higher rate of circulation to the skin for greater heat loss, hence a higher HR. You should be using fans and cool rooms when training in doors.
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    Avocet Tires in the UK ?

    Nope. Perhaps you should contact Avocet directly. Is it the same Avocet that made the bike computers?
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    Weight loss, lets put it to the test

    But how much will you expect lean muscle mass to increase? I doubt it would increase significantly. Also if you are only cycling your upper body muscles may atrophy to some extent; so a potential reduction in lean muscle mass.
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    Learning to trackstand

    Think its the first time its been asked from memory. If you are doing it on a road bike, get your bike to come to a halt with level pedals. Put on your front brake 1 at 00% and turn bars to prefered side (I'm right handed and turn my wheel to the left). Putting all of your weight on your...
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    Weight loss question - Plateau

    This is where monitoring of body fat not just weight becomes important!
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    Motivation for Dave_G

    Reading Dave_G's posts its clear that he has made a lot of progress since starting riding, but as some additional motivation... 1. How much progress have you made in the last year? 2. How much progress since you started cycling? Any info: - from new and experianced cyclists - objective (e.g...
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    Got a track taster session booked at Calshot: any tips?

    Until its time to stop.
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    Max Heart Rate?

    That confirms that you probably acheived your max in the first test. Yes this is due to a number of factors, but mainly that a larger muscle mass is used during running. It is normal to have different MHR during different forms of exercise. Rowing tends to have a lower MHR. Use your cycling...
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    Helmet use statistics

    No. But its not my cycling that I'm worried about; its other peoples rush hour, picked the kids up from after school club, **** day at work, just got off the M6 style of driving!!!
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    Got a track taster session booked at Calshot: any tips?

    I guess you would.
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    Trying To Gain Weight, But Questions!

    Not sure what that means :confused: Perhaps its time for you to start exercising. Exercise will increase your appitite and give you a more 'normal' body shape and self image.
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    Got a track taster session booked at Calshot: any tips?

    Its very safe if you know what you are doing and keep away from people that don't know what they are doing. On the track, like on the road most accidents are caused by breaking one of the basic rules or by others mistakes. You'll love the track; first few times its a bit scary but great fun...
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    Helmet use statistics

    Thanks Mark, I'll have a good look at the site. First impressions were they need some new pictures!!!
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    Got a track taster session booked at Calshot: any tips?

    1. Always ride in a straight line. 2. Always look before you change line. 3. Relax. 4. Never ever stop pedalling.
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    Trying To Gain Weight, But Questions!

    The human body is designed to store any extra energy that is eaten (thousands of years ago when food was more difficult to come by this was an important for survival). As a result for every 3500 kcals that you eat but don't use during exercise or through just living (i.e. basal metabolic rate -...