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    Transfer WKO license

    Yes. It's called "The big blue room" you should try it sometime. :D
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    Transfer WKO license

    To be clear on what is being discussed. So yeah looks like a license transfer is possible. Agreed, it came across as treating a paying customer as a thief. And that is what was disappointing. I was pretty psyched to purchase the book, and get the software rolling on my own setup. For now I...
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    Transfer WKO license

    edit: on second thought i'll remove my comment. have a good day andy and best of luck to you and hunter.
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    Transfer WKO license

    Wow, them sure is alot of words I didn't say swampy. Maybe you should read the terms of the software what the original user was asking about was not covered in them and keep your baiting to the mastery kind. ;)
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    Transfer WKO license

    He most certainly is, but he should at least be aware of how similar actions in the past cost many a software company in the long term. Installing software (that you have paid for) onto a usb key so you can run it on two separate computers you own is not piracy. Plenty of seat based licenses...
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    Transfer WKO license

    Yeah wouldn't want anybody to use their copy of the software they paid you for on their computer. Better force them to buy a second copy for no reason at all and claim it is due to "piracy" :rolleyes: Less restricitive or Free Software (go read up on GPL) is going to eat your lunch pal. Enjoy...
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    Ibuprofen before Vo2 max workouts? You too?

    tonyzackery and his internet wackery
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    Ibuprofen before Vo2 max workouts? You too?

    Just carry a gun during the workout and if you feel any pain shoot the part that hurts.
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    Are cyclist that carry a gun and take Ibuprofen during animal attacks more likely to

    Load up your gun with Ibuprofen and shoot people taking VO2 tests who want to date your sister. How else do you think Lance won all those Tours?
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    Help planning out Winter training for May 2009 race

    Nope, an hour. But look on the bright side, that is only (60) 1-minute segments.
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    drops vs aero bars?

    Take a look at how a high speed train is designed and rethink that statement.
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    Oh the irony....

    CO poisoning?
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    clamp on front derailleur mounting on carbon frame

    The owner's manual that comes with the frame usually lists these specs. If you no longer have the manual talk to your bike shop guys and they can get the specs from the manufacturer.
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    pinarello or cervelo?

    Personally I would go for a Paris over a Cervelo, but that is one man's opinion in a sea of millions.:D
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    Who is on the list of BANNED, GUILTY FIRED etc. cyclists due to doping

    long sordid tale vial I am not making fun of you dude, just assuming English is not your first language. I am learning another language myself and I know how much a pain in the a$$ it can be. Thanks for the info on the B samples.