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    Should this be allowed

    I say it is just spam and would report it as such....
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    1995 Cannondale R500

    You should be able to back that broken screw out with an EZ Out or a screw extractor.
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    The "classic" crash procedure...

    Or maybe an airbag that fires upon impact..
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    Road Snob

    +1 on both posts
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    shirts and shorts

    I bought a pair of those 2 years ago.....I really like them.
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    And how many bikes have you yourself purchased from Bikes Direct?
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    Here's a link to a thread discussing puncture resistant tires: If you do a search for "puncture proof tires" you'll get a bunch of threads discussing the topic....
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    Weight training and cycling.

    Just keep standing up up on the pedals and stretching when you need to relieve your back as you have been doing. Also, change your hand position on the bars often; ride on the hoods for awhile, then the top bar, then the drops, and all points in between. It may not seem like a big deal, but...
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    My Worst Ride Ever

    Hopefully you used up all of your bad luck in that ride and will now have another 8,000 miles of blissfull riding......
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    Cyclist weight

    Makes sense to me!
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    Clothing Brands

    Congrats Dave!
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    Specialized hybrid bike (which one?)

    Hi Ben and welcome! If you have the chance to do so I would recommend that you go to a local bike shop and test ride each of those bikes. It sounds like you have narrowed down a selection of bikes based on how you intend to use the bike, and bikes that are in your budget range...
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    Stop Signs

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    Ya' gotta see this...

    No kidding...she'd be an instant **** star.