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    What size road bike should i ride?

    Your local bike shop should be able to help you with this question. Also there are bike fitting videos on Youtube. Here's one: View:
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    Legs not aching after hardest session. Overtrained?

    Pain can be from overtraining but it may be a sign of another problem developing. In my 30's I started getting a deep aching pain in my legs. I was walking, riding playing tennis and on my legs many hours of the day. I ended up with varicose veins which I'd say was causing the pain. I'd say my...
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    Wheel upgrade advice

    If you're riding Campagnolo their Zonda, Eurus, Shamal wheels are all strong. Also the Fulcrum wheelsets are strong and can be used with Shimano too..
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    Manual/ electric bike

    I have a friend that owns a bike shop. He let me take out a Giant quick e+ which assists up to 28mph. It has 5 modes. ECO, ECO+, NORMAL, SPORT & SPORT + and you can shut off the assist if you want the effort to be all you. You can still get an aerobic workout and more depending on which mode you...
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    Training advice for a new road biker wanting to compete in a century ride next year

    You're riding 200 miles per week and averaging 20mph. on the Tues.-Saturday rides. If you're doing that speed riding alone you should easily be able to finish a regular Century ride in the middle of the pack or better if you average anywhere near that speed on the Century ride. If it's a Gran...
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    Has anybody used the shimano rp4 road shoe? (or comments on boa vs. ratchets?)

    I have the Pearl Izumi Pro Road II with BOA and a couple pairs of Sidi's with ratchet. Although I find the Sidi's comfortable I find the Pearls more comfortable. It's just a single BOA on the Pearls I have but the adjustment in fit that it offers is better than the ratcheting on the Sidi's.
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    Are japanese brand bikes good?

    Back when I started riding around 1980 there was Fuji, Univega, Miyata, Nishiki and 3Rensho that made some good to very good bikes but what they make now I've no idea.
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    POLL: Do you wear a helmet?

    Yes. I just recently went down and I wasn't going that fast and I still hit my head.
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    Drafting strangers (on the wheel of a femile???)

    I wonder if it's a lack of confidence or instead a fear of being charged with sexual harassment or being labeled a sexist etc. just for showing interest in a woman. All the PC stuff has some men if not many avoiding women in order to avoid any problems.
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    Nice rolling road !

    February was much better for riding than March has been unfortunately. It would be good to get some of those warm sunny days back! At least we're headed in the right direction.
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    Nice rolling road !

    It looks like some great roads to ride. It must have been one of those really nice days we had in Feb. that you were out since you're wearing regular fingerless gloves. We've been pretty lucky with a mild winter overall. We just had that brutal cold spell that went around 2 to 3 wks. but other...
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    Biking is not popular with women here

    The fear of traffic is one I've heard too although it's usually more in the city than in the country since the traffic's heavier in the city and there's less room to maneuver. It also takes more time to get ready to go for a ride. With running a good pair of shoes, shorts, top and a drink and...
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    I am shay lee hnetinka, what are good bike brands and models?

    Welcome Shayleehnetinka! There are many good brands. To improve your chances of getting a good bike that fits you properly I recommend going to a bike shop instead of a department type store or ordering on line. Some good names are Giant, Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Pinarello, Colnago, Orbea...
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    Biking is not popular with women here

    There are things called sun sleeves that can be worn. Also light weight long sleeve jerseys too. On the legs and other exposed areas of the skin sun block works fine for cycling.
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    Drafting strangers (on the wheel of a femile???)

    I don't suck wheels only wind now that I've gotten to be a fat old man but I've never had a problem or felt awkward drafting the wheel of a woman.:)