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    Cannondale R5000 (CAAD 8), 2005

    I have a used 50cm anodised matte black CAAD7 frame and slice si carbon fork for sale. perfect condition no scratches.
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    2008 Cervelo RS or 2008 Look 555

    Hi All I've been offered excellent deals on both frames and cant decide which to choose. Opinions please. Thanks in advance
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    BAsso to sign for Disco 'this afternoon'

    what's gonna happen to popo now that basso is signed up? popo for the giro? and basso for the tour? maybe even levi for the vuelta? doubt it:)
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    training without the bike.

    no bikes of any form.
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    training without the bike.

    hey guys, next month I'll be travelling for work and unfortunately I wont be able to take the bike. My question is what other exercises can I do to improve my cycling without being on the bike. thanks.
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    Cannondale System Six

    Hi Guys the system six looks way nicer up close than in the photos. The black 50cm frame i was looking at with the new SRAM Force grouppo weighed 6.4kg.
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    Giant TCR Zero v. Trek Madone

    I dont think Giant offer lifetime warranties on their frames. In Australia i think its 5 years. Trek definetely do offer a lifetime warranty.
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    My Giant OCR3 was stolen today (Adelaide)

    I'll keep a look out. Best bet is to find a photo of it and provide it with your details to all local pawn shops incl. cash converters.
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    Why do road bikes use caliper brakes?

    i would have to disagree. I've got the new Campy Chorus dual pivot brakes and they just cant compare to my brother's hybrid with shimano v-brakes. V-brakes are a lot stronger.
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    Deep dish race wheels

    Been offered a great deal on a set of 2006 Eurus wheels. How would they compare in a road race/crit to a set of deep dish wheels eg.404,carbone sl?
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    Deep dish race wheels

    Hi guys, Besides Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL what other deep dish race wheels can i get for around the 2k mark?
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    campagnola zonda wheels

    Hi ken888, I've put 6000kms on my zondas and they havent dissapointed. Once speed is up, they roll beautifully and maintaining speed isnt an issue. They are a very strong wheelset and i've yet to have them trued. The only problems i guess with the zondas is that they a small bump on the...
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    Sunglasses Help!

    I highly recommend the ADIDAS Gazelle Climacool. Its made for running so its got a very grippy nose piece. Has all the features of other sport sunnies: interchange lense, prescription clipin, fully adjustable....and very looks cool too. Pezcycling has a review at...
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    Best/coolest bar tape on the market??

    It has to be Fizik tape, its made out of this micro-tex material which looks and feels like leather.
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    Western Australia is now the leading cycling State

    yes it may have more cyclists but does it lead in the cyclist:population ratio? i think its pretty hard to beat South Australia for most bike friendly roads. from the city, the hills are only 30mins away and the beach 20mins away.