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    Time trial vs pacing

    I have never ridden on a velodrome, but I have ridden on a track at one of the local high schools here. While this track is flat all the way around, you still get the feeling of being in a race if you are riding with other cyclists. I have done both time trial and pacing on this track and I...
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    Mental Effects Of Cycling

    I can totally understand how cycling is good for the brain and body. No matter how stressed or upset I am, I can always calm down after a good long ride. It relaxes both my body and my brain and makes me feel so much more relaxed. While my problems may still exist, it seems I am so much more...
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    Fundraiser cycling events

    I would like to coordinate a fundraiser cycling event to raise money for a local food bank that feeds the homeless and low income families in my hometown. Would I need to talk to my local county officials or who exactly would I speak to about this? Have any of you ever organized something like...
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    Cycle with a partner or a friend?

    When I was a teenager, I normally had a crew of 4 or 5 friends that always rode with me. But, then we all grew up and went our separate ways. A couple of them still ride, but they do not live near me. I love riding alone, however, it would be nice to have my old friends come visit so we could...
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    Did You Ride Today?

    It was a beautiful day here today. I did manage to get in a quick ride this morning. My hubby has been ill all weekend, so I did not want to stay away from the house for long. It was still wonderful to get back out in the fresh air and sunshine.
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    Did You Ride Today?

    I got to ride the last two days and it was just lovely. A little cool, but the sun was beautiful. Got up this morning hoping to ride again and it ended up pouring almost all day long. Tomorrow afternoon they are predicting more snow. Winter, ugghhh!!!!
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    womens bike colours... do women really want pink?

    I think anybody can have any color of bike they choose. I have a red bike because red has always been my favorite color, but I wouldn't care to have a pink one. It would definitely be easy for others to see if you are riding on a busy road.
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    Mountain Biking And Camping

    My inlaws have went mountain biking and camping in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at the Elk Springs resort in the past. They love this area and say they would move there if their jobs did not have them tied down in Kentucky. According to my brother inlaw, this is the most perfect location on the planet...
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    Biking and fibromyalgia pain

    You're welcome mooray. I've had to do a lot of research about this condition myself. I went through 4 different physicians before I could find one that would diagnose me. All the others tried to put my pain off on my diabetes and back problems.
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    Do you eat a lot before excercising?

    I do not eat a lot before riding or doing other exercise. However, I do try to always have a protein shake. I wake up, get my daughter fed and off to school and then my morning routine for riding begins. I normally have a protein shake before I ride, take a bottle of water with me and then after...
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    Converting to a vegetarian lifestyle

    I do not know if I would be strong enough to give up my meat. But, I do love lots of vegetables and have noticed that I feel better all over when I eat a lunch of only fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I have a large cold glass of V8 juice and I am amazed at how much it perks me up.
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    I love having a protein shake each morning. It is quick, it is healthy and it gives me energy. Most of the time I am the only one home once I get my daughter off to school and she prefers to eat breakfast at school. Having a protein shake for breakfast works great for me and means less dishes to...
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    Biking and fibromyalgia pain

    Unfortunately, doctors do not know exactly what causes Fibromyalgia. It is believed to possibly be genetic, but could occur for other reasons too. I believe I inherited it from my father. He had many of the same symptoms I do, but at the time we had not heard of it and he was never diagnosed or...
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    Can you get the same health benefits from riding a stationary bike

    When the weather is cold or rainy and you don't get to go riding, do you ride a stationary bike instead? If so, do you feel you get the same health benefits and amount of exercise as you do when you are cycling? With the way the weather has been this winter, I am considering buying a stationary...
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    How do you feel about child seats on bikes?

    I remember as a child riding with my friends being on the handle bars or having them on my handle bars. That was the fun of being a kid and we didn't go for far distances doing it either. Mainly, it was just clowning around for a few feet down the road. I have never said anything to my friend...