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    First road shoe purchase question

    I think you have many choices. Like Insight Driver said the first thing you should look at is usefulness of the shoe. I started out with a pair of Specialized Sonomas, that are labeled a spinning shoe, that could be walked in easily, recessed cleat and were somewhat cheap. Then I decided I...
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    Satified Bike Owner Pole

    I'm the happy owner of a LeMond Buenos Aires. I also have a Trek MTB that I use to ride back and forth to work, .5 mile each way, and the wife is the happy owner of a Trek 1500.
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    Debating between two bikes

    This time of year, depending on where you are, there should be lots of bikes with 105 under 1K. My wife just got a new Trek 1500 for under $900. Where are you located?
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    Double vs Triple Crankset

    This is the route I am leaning toward now...
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    Double vs Triple Crankset

    I was actually in your position a few months back when I got my second bike. I felt as though I didn't use my triple enough to need it on this bike. To this point I have been fine on my double but am looking at doing some climbing centuries this year and don't have the areas to really train...
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    Newbie - Question about average speeds??

    Brokenspokes, I am in the Shreveport area as well and also just started road riding, got my bike 2 weeks ago. I went on my first group ride last week with SBC and it was great. Like others have stated there are groups of various speeds and they all seemed very helpful and friendly. We...
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    What bike do you suggest?

    What Treks are you all looking at? The Trek that would compare with the OCR3 is the Trek 1000. Of course you could also look at the Trek 1200. The 1200 is a better bang for the buck, if you have that buck. I got a LeMond Etape for $599 and I love it. The 1500 in Treks line is up on the...
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    2005 trek series, when?

    I have thought about this too but at this time it kind of comes down to money, specifically how much I can save on a 04, versus 05. I have rode my whole life but this will be my first road bike so I don't want to go overboard, per se...
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    2005 trek series, when?

    Same boat here but this is what I have found out so far. My LBS has no 04 1000 in my size and no 05's at all yet. I found a shop a couple of hours away with a 04 for $519, reguarly $569. Also found a shop with 05's, not my size of course, and they are selling for $599. So I have the same...