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    Observations after first race - any advice?

    Hello I participated in my first bike race today (bike relay portion of the Santa Cruz triathlon). On the one hand, I am extremely pleased, and somewhat proud at that accomplishment. However, I am also modestly disappointed in my performance. I did a few rides to prepare for this 25 mile...
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    Seat post mount with carbon seat post - CAAD 10

    Hi Would it be advisable (or not) to use a quick release seat post rack mount with the CAAD 10, which has a carbon fiber seat post? My bag only weighs about 12 lbs or so. Thanks.
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    Palo Alto to San Jose

    I am getting my new bike today!! I am excited. However, the bike is available in Palo Alto, CA and I live in San Jose (Almaden area - near whole foods). So I am going to bike from Palo Alto to San Jose. The weather seems nice enough. I plan on riding on El Camino and then take San Tomas...
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    What kind of electronics are you using? (Cyclometer, ect)

    I use a Garmin 205. It tie it around your wrist like a watch and it continuously monitors both your position and altitude based on a GPS. Works great for both biking and running.
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    Rack without braze-ons

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Rack without braze-ons

    Hi Everyone I am currently buying my first "real" bike. I am inching towards a cyclocross since it seems to offer the best combination of comfort and other factors. I looking at the the Specialized Tricross, there are mounting points, which I can use to mount a rack - that is important to...
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    How far is your commute?

    I started biking about a month ago also. I have two different router - the shorter one is 6 miles and takes me 40 min, while the longer one is 10 miles and takes 55 min. Contrary to your experience, I found, I have more energy throughout the day and on the day off. I also take a change of...